Public Events at 2008 Worlds

Posted in News on November 12, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

The 2008 Magic: The Gathering World Championships in Memphis, Tennessee is the place to be December 11-14. Even if you're not qualified for the main event, there's no shortage of all-around Magic goodness to experience. Take a shot at winning one of the great prizes in Public Events, meet the R&D minds behind the game and the artists who bring the cards to life, see how your knowledge of Magic trivia stacks up against your fellow players, and much more!

Public Event highlights include:

  • A series of Win GOLD tournaments, culminating in a Shards of Alara Sealed Deck tournament with a first prize of $10,000 in 14k gold!
  • A "Game in the Gulf" Standard tournament where the winner receives accommodation, meals, and entertainment aboard the Carnival Ecstasy cruise ship during the Game in the Gulf premier event (some restrictions apply)
  • The $3,000 Draft Challenge, with a first-place prize of $1,500
  • A Pro Tour-Honolulu qualifier
  • Other events featuring great prizes such as an iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple TV, digital camera, original Magic artwork, foil playsets of Shards of Alara, 30 Revised Dual Lands, Xbox Elite gaming system, and more
  • Eight-player pick-up events in Standard, Extended, Booster Draft and Sealed Deck from 9 a.m. - midnight

So come on down to Memphis on Decemeber 11-14 and take part in the biggest Magic event of the year!

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