Release Dates for Innistrad: Double Feature and Commander Collection: Black

Posted in News on September 28, 2021

By Wizards of the Coast

We shared what the next year—and beyond—looks like with Magic Showcase 2021, and it's time to reveal the first release dates in 2022!

Innistrad: Double Feature Releases January 28—Attend the Preview Event on January 21

Double Feature logo

Double Feature booster box

Innistrad: Double Feature arrives at WPN stores on January 28, 2022! Innistrad: Double Feature includes both Innistrad: Midnight Hunt and Innistrad: Crimson Vow cards with an eye-catching black-and-white treatment, echoing beloved horror films of the past.

Players excited to see the beautiful cards first—and ready to pick up a cool black-and-white promotional version of Innistrad favorite Endless Ranks of the Dead—can check with their local WPN Premium store for the Innistrad: Double Feature Preview Event, starting one week in advance on January 21, 2022.

Endless Ranks of the Dead promo

Commander Parties Rescheduled for January 28–30

Commander Parties are one of the exciting new ways to play Magic, and we're looking forward to players around the world joining in storytelling through playing Commander at WPN Premium stores.

Fans can look forward to a weekend of play as Commander Parties now take place January 28–30, 2022. You can also receive a promotionoal Conjurer's Closet just for participating.

Conjurer's Closet promo

Commander Collection: Black Releases January 28

CC2 logo

CC2 set symbol

CC2 display

Featuring powerful cards such as Toxic Deluge and Phyrexian Arena in both non-foil and WPN Premium store exclusive traditional foil, Commander Collection: Black can supercharge your favorite Commander deck loaded with Swamps—just in time for Commander Parties.

Check out everything you can find inside Commander Collection: Black and get ready for its arrival January 28, 2022.

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