Rivals of Ixalan Comprehensive Rules Changes

Posted in News on January 11, 2018

By Eli Shiffrin


Introduction? But we never change the introduction! See, this is what silver-bordered Magic has wrought. In the section that says "Hey, are you sure you want to go spelunking in this gigantic document for answers?" I've added a note that silver-bordered cards exist but aren't necessarily supported by the rules.


This section describes where abilities function, and this specific rule handles things like flash. It has two new modifications: it includes the stack for places that flash functions so it can, you know, actually function; and it establishes that abilities of an object that grant itself flash function on the stack.


Angrath horns his way into the list of planeswalker types.


Until we printed Bishop of Binding, it never really mattered whether Vehicles had a power when they weren't on the battlefield. A literal reading of this rule would have also led you to conclude that creature cards not on the battlefield didn't have a power, either. I've modified this rule to let anything printed with a power and toughness have those values while not on the battlefield.

Sorry, Jade Statue, when the rules refer to "printed," they mean Oracle text.


This rule talks about how ante cards can't be in your deck. While discussing Spike, Tournament Grinder, we realized that the black-border rules don't actually say that the "remove from your deck if not playing for ante" text stops Death Wish from getting ante cards in a casual game. Now they do.


There are a handful of things that you can start to cast even though you don't have anything saying you can yet. Right now, they include an alternative or additional cost letting it be cast (like Rout's own ability) and choices that modify characteristics to get permission (like bestow while you control Prophet of Kruphix). This new rule adds a third thing: spells that will gain flash due to their own ability, like Crashing Tide.


The rules for linked abilities are pretty complex, and we went and made them a little more complex. This new rule says that abilities on both faces of a double-faced card can be linked, letting Profane Procession's exiled cards pop up in the Tomb of the Dusk Rose. The preexisting 607.1b was thrown into the c.


This is the rule for . . . assemble. Steamflogger Boss got Contraption added to the artifact type list when it was released, but assembling was never addressed in the rules at all. However, you still can't assemble anything in black-bordered Magic, so writing out the full rules for assembling Contraptions would be weird. My solution is to have this rule point out that assembling exists in Unstable, and then we run far, far away from the details.


Here's where I raised up the rules for ascend. Shiny!


I've added ascend, assemble, the city's blessing, and silver-bordered to the defined terms here.

Comprehensive Rules Changes
Oracle Changes

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