Two Ticket Tuesdays Are Coming in November

Posted in News on December 8, 2013

Two Ticket Tuesdays is coming to Magic Online this November!

Whether you're a new player in Magic Online or you know your way around, Two Ticket Tuesdays makes it easy to get in and enjoy a casual event. Every Tuesday during the month of November, log in and play Phantom Sealed with Magic 2014.

Here's the best part: It's only two Event Tickets, or four Phantom Tickets, to enter!

Magic Online Two Ticket Tuesdays
START TIMES November 5 and every Tuesday through November 26, running every half hour starting at 12:00 AM PST.
FORMAT Magic 2014 Phantom Sealed.
LOCATION Scheduled Limited.
ENTRY OPTIONS 2 Event Tickets OR 4 Phantom Tickets.
SIZE 32 minimum players, 32 maximum players.
ROUNDS 5 rounds, single elimination.
Place Prizes QPs
1st 6 Magic 2014 booster packs 0
2nd 4 Magic 2014 booster packs 0
3rd - 4th 2 Magic 2014 booster packs 0
5th - 8th 1 Magic 2014 booster pack 0


Coming Soon: Watch for more information about "Fowl Play," a new event coming to Magic Online in late November!

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