Wizards Account FAQ update

Posted in News on October 31, 2014

By Wizards of the Coast

The new Wizards Account System has now been up and running for a few days, and we're very happy with the response. We do have bugs and we’re busy squashing them. We’ve compiled the top questions we’ve received to help clear up some confusion. If you’re nervous about migrating your account, read this entire article and/or check out the full Wizards Account FAQ.

Q: I have multiple DCI accounts, do I have to migrate each one separately?

A: No. If you have several DCI accounts, you want to combine them into one primary account. Here is the best way to do this:

  1. First, choose the most important DCI number you want to keep. We call this your “Primary DCI number”.
  2. Log in using this DCI number and password. This will kick off the migration process.
  3. After you finished migrating this account, go to your Account Details page by going to accounts.wizards.com, log in, and then use the Combine Accounts button.
  4. After clicking on the Combine Accounts button, you will see this dialog box:
    Combine Choose DCI Primary DCI Number
    The most important thing is to choose your Primary DCI number carefully. Once you click submit, the other DCI number’s play history will be merged with the primary one and then the secondary number will be retired out of service permanently.
  5. You can only merge one DCI number at time, so if you have more DCI numbers you want to combine, click on the “Combine Another Account” and repeat the process until you’re done.
  6. Last thing, Combining Accounts isn’t limited to only DCI accounts. You can also combine your Community or Support account too!

Q:  I’ve created/migrated my account but by my DCI number is wrong.

A:  Every Wizards Account now automatically gets a DCI number. What probably happened was that you entered your email address to start the migration process, and that email was used in another service like Community or Customer Support. Since these accounts never had an associated DCI number before, they were automatically issued a new DCI number. It’s also possible that you accidentally created a new account. Here are few things to do if you fall into this situation:

  1. First, relax! Your old DCI number is still there.
  2. To fix it, sign in again using your DCI number. If you have more than one DCI number, make sure to read the previous question, “Q: I have multiple DCI accounts, do I have to migrate each one separately?”
  3. Once you’ve migrated your primary DCI account, log into accounts.wizards.com, click the Combine Account button, and enter your login credentials for the account with the “wrong” DCI number that was inadvertently created earlier. This will merge the other account details together and you can finally enjoy having one account credential to remember.

Q: What are the new password requirements?

A: Password Must Contain:

  • Minimum of 7 characters
  • Maximum of 29 characters
  • Uppercase letter (1 or more)
  • Lowercase letter (1 or more)
  • Number (0–9)
  • Special character (e.g., !, $, *, etc.)

Passwords Cannot Be:

  • Your Login ID
  • Your email address
  • Your screen name
  • Your DCI number
  • A drawing of your favorite Planeswalker

Q: What are the requirements for Login IDs?

A: Here are the specifics:

  • Your ID must contain letters (a–z and A–Z) and may contain numbers.
  • It cannot contain special symbols or spaces or an underscore.
  • For security, your Login ID must be between 3 and 80 characters in length.
  • Your Login ID must be unique; i.e., no one else has claimed it.
  • It cannot contain upper ASCII or UNICODE characters.

Q: I’ve tried everything written here and it’s still NOT working!!

A: First, we absolutely apologize. Second, we want to help you, so call or email Customer Service if you’re still having problems. 

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