Wizards and Transparency on Social Media

Posted in News on July 22, 2016

By Wizards of the Coast

In the coming days you may see a small change in how employees of Wizards of the Coast post on social media.

As part of Wizards' ongoing efforts to improve our transparency, we are adopting some new social media guidelines. The guidelines will help readers consistently identify employees of Wizards of the Coast.

With these changes you may see employees use various hashtags, such as #WOTCStaff or #WizardsEmployee or #LoveMyWOTCJob or other things like that which make clear their employment in the text of their posts.

Our goal is that, if a post is taken out of context by someone who doesn't know our "talkers" on social media, such as a new player, we want to ensure the reader knows that the author of the post has a vested interest in Wizards and its products, events, or services.

It should be noted that the presence of these hashtags cannot and should not be taken as proof of employment. They are not badges to verify employment, because, theoretically, anyone could drop these hashtags into their posts. Instead, if they are seen, it is our hope that readers use them as a sign that further investigation is needed to confirm the employment or role of the person in the company.

Is this a big change? No. But as we know our fans, we know this is something that would generate discussion and lead to questions if simply done without notice. As such, we wanted to give you all an explanation as it started rather than after the fact.

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