Novel Quiz

Posted in Arcana on January 20, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

Let's try something a little different. Instead of an "Art Quiz" where we show you snippets of art and you guess what card they're from (as with this example from Shards of Alara, we're doing a Novel Quiz. We show you the first sentence of several Magic novels and you guess which book they're from.

When you want to see the answers, just click on the sentence and the correct book cover will appear as if by magic.

Years later, Atalla could remember every moment of the night he saw the ship that flew.

A falcon the color of rusty blood delivered the call just before the end of the day shift, and it was as much dumb luck as destiny that the bird alighted upon the shoulder of a wojek constable named Agrus Kos.

Through a place that wasn't, where time held no meaning, the figure walked.

The daimyo's child was born at sunrise.

It was the night before the end of the world.

"More wine, and quickly, you bag of snot!"

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