Old Mirri

Posted in Arcana on May 7, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

Mirri, Cat Warrior

Creature - Legend
Mirri, Cat Warrior counts as a Cat Warrior.
Protection from black; first strike; forestwalk (If defending player controls any forests, this creature is unblockable.)
Attacking does not cause Mirri to tap.

The stats above show how Mirri, Cat Warrior was first submitted for Exodus: as a 2/2 with protection from black.

But in the story, Mirri is killed by Crovax the Cursed. Continuity pointed out that it would be difficult to be killed by Crovax (a black creature) if you had protection from black. So a solution was needed.

The first thought was to make her untargetable, which would still allow Crovax to kill her in combat. But "Mirri cannot be the target of spells and abilities" wouldn't fit. So as some sort of compromise, she was given an extra point of toughness.

I hope Crovax appreciated it.

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