Onslaught Environment: Skirk Ridge

Posted in Arcana on August 22, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

On the plane of Dominaria…


On the continent of Otaria…


On the southern end of a huge range known as the Pardic Mountains…


...lies an unstable little pile of rocks called Skirk Ridge.

Mountain3 Onslaught Mountain art by David Day

Skirk Ridge is home to Otaria's goblins. Nesting in caves in the cliffs of the Ridge, the goblins use an improvised system of ropes, pulleys, and ladders to navigate the vertiginous heights.


The goblins generally steer clear of the beasts, barbarians, dwarves and dragons of the northern Pardic Mountains, but sometimes compete in the Cabal-run pit fights. Their technology, cobbled from whatever resources they find in the crags and mines of the Ridge, is surprisingly ingenious, but also usually incredibly dangerous.


You can see other shots of the Skirk Ridge landscape in the art of Goblin Pyromancer (shown lighting his compatriots on fire in a Skirk mine), Skirk Fire Marshal (shown leading other goblins to drown enemies in burning oil), and Goblin Burrows (a great shot of the rickety ladders and bridgeways connecting the caves of a Skirk goblin warren).

Goblin Burrows Goblin Burrows art by David Martin

Check out the art of Contested Cliffs: you can see a transition point where the goblin-controlled Skirk Ridge gives way to the elf-controlled Wirewood Forest.

Contested Cliffs Contested Cliffs art by Anthony S. Waters

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