Onslaught Environment: Wirewood Forest

Posted in Arcana on August 23, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

Yesterday we looked at the Skirk Ridge, the area of Otaria dominated by goblins. Today we look at Otaria's Wirewood Forest and its elvish denizens.

The look of Wirewood is defined by its tall, thin, light-barked birch trees. The backgrounds of many green Onslaught block cards show their trunks lined up shoulder to shoulder.

Forest3_640 Onslaught Forest art by David Martin

In the storyline, the Phyrexian invasion forced elves and many other races to flee their homelands across Dominaria. Crowds of refugee elves fled to Wirewood, a place teeming with life but also harboring its own unique dangers.


Wirewood's refugee elves improvised weaponry and armor from the creatures and plants they found there, and developed magic to survive the dangers of their new home.

Wirewood Lodge Wirewood Lodge art by Anthony S. Waters

Over time, the magic emanating from the Mirari (throughout the Onslaught Block) gradually warped and changed the elves, turning them both more beastly and more plantlike until they became mutant monsters of the forest.

Elvish Aberration Elvish Aberration art by Matt Cavotta

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