2015 Grand Prix Action

Posted in Competitive Gaming on December 10, 2014

By Mike Rosenberg

Mike Rosenberg is a writer and gamer and has been part of the Magic text coverage team since 2011. He joined Wizards as organized play’s content specialist in June 2014.

Last weekend was a big one, but there's no time for a break.

This week's look ahead is all GPs all the time. We'll recap last weekend's big reveal along with what you have to look forward to with the next year of Grand Prix, starting with Baltimore and Milan taking place this weekend.

GP TBD No More

On Sunday, not only did we announce Modern Masters (2015 Edition), we also revealed the locations and formats for the triple Grand Prix weekend taking place at the end of May 2015.

Those locations are:

  • Chiba, Japan
  • Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  • Utrecht, Netherlands

The format for these three Grand Prix will be Modern Masters (2015 Edition) Limited, with Sealed Deck on Day One and Booster Draft on Day Two.

You can catch the full details from our Sunday announcement about this global celebration of the new Modern Masters by clicking here.

More Stuff at Each Grand Prix

Grand Prix have already become a can't-miss series of events. Featuring event-exclusive playmats, players have already had a special souvenir available to them to commemorate their trip to one.

However, this is expanding even further starting with Grand Prix Milan and Grand Prix Baltimore this weekend, as players will have the opportunity to potentially get some new prizes. Some are event-exclusives, while others will be a regular opportunity at Grand Prix either through each season or throughout the entire year.

First up is this snug bad-boy.

Starting with Baltimore and Milan, each Grand Prix in 2015 will be receiving 60 commemorative T-shirts in various sizes, and they will be available as additional prizes at each event. Also, if you take a close look at the back of the one above, you may notice that the schedule listed on the back of the shirt only goes up to the end of the first season of 2015 GPs. That's because this T-shirt design will change with each season of the 2015 Grand Prix schedule, with the design based around the Magic set that is released during that season. This one has a neat little tie to Fate Reforged, for example.

However, the T-shirts aren't the only new addition to Grand Prix prizes. Every Grand Prix in 2015, along with the GPs in Milan and Baltimore, will receive three oversized cards that will be used as prizes during a Grand Prix weekend.

Every Grand Prix will feature an oversized version of the Griselbrand participation promo (you remember that this promo is new starting with this weekend, right?), and the other two oversized promos will be a popular card in the current set, matching the event's playmat where appropriate. This weekend features Sagu Mauler and Villainous Wealth alongside Griselbrand as the oversized cards available as prizes in Baltimore and Milan.


And if you love Magic art, you'll love this. Starting in 2015, you'll also be able to find high-quality canvas prints of popular Magic cards at the next year of Grand Prix!

"Grand Prix are already among the most popular of event offerings, but we hope these additional goodies will make them even more so," said Tournament Organizer Manager Ron Foster. "Be sure to check the Grand Prix schedule for an event near you."

The Flashback

Do you like epic topdecks and Duneblasts? Do you like watching masters playing at the top level? Do you like witnessing Magic history? If your answer to any or all of these is anywhere from "Hell, yes!" to "that might be cool", and if you weren't tuned in all of last week, you really should check out all the coverage from 2014 Worlds Week.

First up…

The World Magic Cup's Top 8 featured a spread of juggernaut teams as well as newcomers, with the finals pitting two unexpected countries against each other. While Denmark had to overcome England in the semifinals, Team Greece had to best Team USA (*sniff*) to earn their place in the final match.

In the end, it all came down to the final game between Simon Nielsen and Panagiotis Savvidis, where Savvidis battled through a brutal stall on two lands thanks to Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver. However, it was not to be for Team Greece, as dropping Ashiok's defenses to go ultimate gave Denmark a window to come back with some miraculous draws.

One Siege Rhino, critical Duneblast, and a nail-in-the-coffin Wingmate Roc later, and the Daneblast heard round the world did its job. Team Denmark is your 2014 World Magic Cup championship team!

Coverage can be found here, but here are a couple of highlights:

New Countries on the Block—Reporter Adam Styborski talks to the players representing Team Colombia and Team Paraguay. While Team Colombia represented the four players' premier-level event, Team Paraguay was the newest country on the standings all weekend as they celebrated their inaugural year in the World Magic Cup.

Meet Team Malaysia—The country to emerge at the top of Day One was Team Malaysia, captained by Grand Prix Kitakyushu champion Raymond Tan. Reporter Corbin Hosler got a chance to talk to the team about their experiences at the event, as well as what kind of support they were getting from back home as they battled.

Of course, it wouldn't be 2014 Worlds Week without the World Championship as well. Twenty-four of the world's best players competed across four different formats to see who would earn Magic's greatest title.

In the end, history was made by Israel's Shahar Shenhar, who became the first person in history to win back-to-back Magic World Championship titles.

Coverage can be found here, but here are a couple of highlights:

The Threepeat Three of the World Championship—Reporter Adam Styborski talks to the three competitors from the 2014 World Championship that were competing for the third time in a row.

Double Duty—Veteran reporter Josh Bennett speaks with the eleven players from the World Championship that went on to represent their country as team captain in the 2014 World Magic Cup.

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