2016–17 Pro Tour Team Series Rosters

Posted in Competitive Gaming on January 26, 2017

By Mike Rosenberg

Mike Rosenberg is a writer and gamer and has been part of the Magic text coverage team since 2011. He joined Wizards as organized play’s content specialist in June 2014.

The soft launch for the Pro Tour Team Series has kicked off, and 32 teams have submitted their squads and are ready to give it their all at the next three Pro Tours to see who will qualify for the Team Finals at the 2017 Magic: The Gathering World Championship!

For more information on the Pro Tour Team Series, head over here. But here are the basics:

  • Players have formed teams of six that they will compete as for the remainder of the 2016–17 season.
  • Pro Points earned by the best five finishes from the team members of each team are added up at the end of each Pro Tour. That total is added to a team's score.
  • The teams with the Top 2 scores at the end of the 2016–17 season (which concludes with Pro Tour Hour of Devastation in Kyoto, Japan, on July 28–30 later this year) will be invited to compete in the Team Finals, set to take place during the 2017 Magic: The Gathering World Championship in Boston, Massachusetts, October 5–8.

Outside of that, the Pro Tour is still an individual competition. Players are competing to see how well they, as an individual, do at the tournament for their share of $250,000. But the Team Series rewards teams who, through their preparation for the Pro Tour, manage to put multiple team members high in the standings at the end of a Pro Tour. If a team member wins, the team is rewarded with a big team score! If multiple team members finish in the Top 8, that team is likely to have a huge lead over the rest of the field in the Team Series!

Below you'll find 32 teams that have submitted their rosters and will be represented in the 2016–17 Pro Tour Team Series.

Almost Finnished

  • Anssi Alkio
  • Lauri Pispa
  • Tuomas Tuominen
  • Matti Kuisma
  • Leo Lahonen
  • Samuel Tharmaratnam

The members of Team Finland secured a Top 8 finish at the 2016 World Magic Cup, which secured their invitations to Pro Tour Aether Revolt. The team has joined up with Pro Tour Born of the Gods Top 8 competitor and fellow Finnish player Anssi Alkio, rounding off with British Gold-level pro Samuel Tharmaratnam to complete their six-person team.


  • Craig Chapman
  • Sam-Luca Rolph
  • Pip Griffiths
  • Jaime Archdekan
  • Mathew Stein
  • Pete Ward

With half of the team traveling to their first Pro Tour, Basic features relatively fresh faces from Ireland, England, Wales, and Canada as they throw their hat in the ring and prepare to take on the Pro Tour together.


  • Noah Walker
  • Jacob Baugh
  • Andrew Tenjum
  • Robert Graves
  • Zachary Kiihne
  • Joe Lossett

Featuring some of the most consistent players from the StarCityGames.com Tour, including recent Players' Champion Joe Lossett, Team Cardhoarder has expanded their professional team to the Pro Tour—where some of the most dominant players from the independent series in 2016 will go toe-to-toe with the Pro Tour's best.

ChannelFireball Fire

  • Patrick Cox
  • Matthew Nass
  • Martin Jůza
  • Josh Utter-Leyton
  • Corey Burkhart
  • Paul Cheon

The first of two ChannelFireball squads, Fire features a mixture of veterans and up-and-coming players who have begun to shine on the Pro Tour stage. The team comprises players with Pro Tour Top 8 experience, deck and format specialists, and players who have contributed to some phenomenal results through their team preparation. It's a tight-knit team that is expected to impress this season.

ChannelFireball Ice

  • Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa
  • Mike Sigrist
  • Joel Larsson
  • Ben Stark
  • Ondřej Stráský
  • Eric Froehlich

The other main ChannelFireball team in the Pro Tour Team Series features a roster that includes three Pro Tour Hall of Fame competitors and three Pro Tour Champions. There might even be some overlap in those two circles. This team spans three continents and will be a global powerhouse at the Pro Tour.


  • Panagiotis Papadopoulos
  • Bill Chronopoulos
  • Dimitris Triantafillou
  • Petros Tziotis
  • Makis Matsoukas
  • Nikolaos Kaponis

Greece has had a very good couple of months, with Makis Matsoukas securing a Top 8 at his first Pro Tour, and the Greek team winning the World Magic Cup. Matsoukas and the World Magic Cup team have joined together with a face new to the Pro Tour to throw their hat in the Team Series ring.

D3 Go!

  • Ben Rubin
  • Tom Martell
  • Matthew Costa
  • Jelger Wiegersma
  • Shahar Shenhar
  • Brock Parker

One-half of the Pantheon, D3 Go! comprises Pro Tour Hall of Famers, Pro Tour Champions, and the sole back-to-back World Champion in the game's history. Like in previous Pro Tours, this will be a team to look at to see what they bring to the table. This is one of the two teams competing in the Pro Tour Team Series that are sponsored by D3 Go!, the makers of Magic: Puzzle Quest.

Dave & Adam's

  • Alex Bianchi
  • Andrew Skorik
  • Nick D'Ambrose
  • Joey Manner
  • Jacky Wang
  • Alex Bastecki

Headlined by Pro Tour Kaladesh Top 8 competitor Joey Manner, along with Grand Prix Pittsburgh 2015 Champion Alex Bianchi, Team Dave & Adam's also features a crew of players looking to build upon their premier-level experience.

DEX Army

  • Willy Edel
  • Márcio Carvalho
  • Carlos Romão
  • Thiago Saporito
  • Luis Salvatto
  • Antonio Del Moral León

As part of a trio of DEX Protection–sponsored teams, DEX Army features Latin America's headline competitors, including Pro Tour Hall of Famer Willy Edel. The team spans four different countries, with three players from Brazil and one player each from Argentina, Portugal, and Spain.


  • Felipe Valdivia
  • Patrick Fernandes
  • Cristian Cespedes
  • Jose Luis Echeverria
  • João Lucas Caparroz
  • Lucas Esper Berthoud

DEXThird represents another set of the DEX Protection–sponsored players from Latin America. The crew features a spread of experience levels, with one player having played in over half a dozen Pro Tours, and another making their Pro Tour debut. As with DEX Army, DEXThird represents a split of countries: three each from Chile and Brazil.


  • Immanuel Gerschenson
  • Valentin Mackl
  • Patrick Dickmann
  • Steve Hatto
  • Aleksa Telarov
  • Marc Tobiasch

The EUreka name lives on, as former European super-team members Immanuel Gerschenson and Aleksa Telarov carry the torch of the old team alongside new representatives from Germany, Austria, and Luxembourg, including two-time Pro Tour Top 8 competitor Patrick Dickmann. The team features two representatives from Austria, two from Germany, and one each from Luxembourg and Serbia.

Face to Face Games

  • Alexander Hayne
  • Samuel Pardee
  • Steve Rubin
  • Jacob Wilson
  • Ivan Floch
  • Oliver Tiu

Face to Face Games continues onward with its headline players representing the team at the game's flagship stage. The team sports three Pro Tour Champions, two others with Pro Tour Top 8s, and one player with a Magic: The Gathering World Championship semifinals showing.

Fire Squad

  • Thien Nguyen
  • Nathaniel Smith
  • David Shiels
  • Ben Hull
  • Brandon Ayers
  • Jonathan Morawski

Fire Squad is a combination of players with a spread of experience levels at Pro Tours, but plenty at Grand Prix and on Magic Online. This team includes Pro Tour Kaladesh semifinalist Ben Hull among their roster.


  • Brad Nelson
  • Lukas Blohon
  • Seth Manfield
  • Michael Majors
  • Martin Dang
  • Martin Müller

One part Czech Republic, two parts Denmark, three parts USA—Genesis features star power from two continents. Comprising members of the former incarnations of EUreka, Team East West Bowl, and Cabin Crew, Genesis combines these players into one potent team to look out for.


  • Tomoharu Saito
  • Shuhei Nakamura
  • Yuta Takahashi
  • Jérémy Dezani
  • Oliver Polak-Rottmann
  • Petr Sochůrek

Hareruya's pro team breaks from the norm of North American/European alliances to instead form one between Europe and Japan. Captained by Tomoharu Saito, the team features three familiar faces from the professional scene in Japan alongside three of Europe's top players.

Hotsauce Games

  • Raymond Perez, Jr.
  • Gregory Orange
  • Tyler Hill
  • Cody Lingelbach
  • Gabe Carleton-Barnes
  • Stephen Neal

Grand Prix Champion Adam Jansen's team, Hotsauce Games, maintains its familiar faces alongside a couple of new ones, including Pro Tour Magic Origins Top 8 competitor Stephen Neal.

Last Samurai

  • Kenji Tsumura
  • Tsuyoshi Fujita
  • Masashi Oiso
  • Makihito Mihara
  • Kazuyuki Takimura
  • Ryoichi Tamada

If you want to see a collective of Japanese Pro Tour history, look no further than Last Samurai. The powerhouse team sports four Pro Tour Hall of Famers, a Pro Tour Champion, and a Pro Tour finalist.


  • Pedro Carvalho
  • Eduardo does Santos Vieira
  • Sebastian Pozzo
  • Guilherme Merjam
  • Marcelino Freeman
  • Marcos Paulo de Jesus Freitas

Another one of Latin America's super-teams, Ligamagic is captained by Pedro Carvalho and brings together four of Brazil's brightest players to compete alongside Argentina's Sebastian Pozzo and Mexico's Marcelino Freeman.

Lingering Souls

  • Shaheen Soorani
  • Chris Fennell
  • Travis Woo
  • Andreas Ganz
  • Ashraf Abou Omar
  • Donald Smith

With a name that resonates well, Lingering Souls brings together an assortment of players from North America as well as Europe to form a new team that pays homage to one of the most infamous flashback cards to come out of Innistrad block.

Magic Corsairs Crew

  • Eliott Boussaud
  • Maxime Martin
  • Julien Stihle
  • Samuel Vuillot
  • Pierre Sommen
  • Martin Hrycej

While the France-based Magic Corsairs Crew does not have the most Pro Tour experience compared to other teams, they have plenty of games of Magic under their belts, with Pierre Sommen and captain Eliott Boussaud both sporting Grand Prix wins.

Massdrop East

  • Pascal Maynard
  • Jarvis Yu
  • Ricky Chin
  • Timothy Wu
  • Eric Severson
  • Jon Stern

One part of the former East West Bowl that dominated the 2015–16 season, Massdrop East is headlined by Pascal Maynard and brings many of the East Coast North American players together under one banner. Given their team's performances last season, it's a sure bet that you should expect big things from this team, as well as . . . 

Massdrop West

  • Mark Jacobson
  • Paul Dean
  • Jiachen Tao
  • Ari Lax
  • Scott Lipp
  • Ben Weitz

Another part of the former East West Bowl, Massdrop West features two Pro Tour Champions alongside many members of the former testing team that had phenomenal 2015–16 seasons. This team, much like Massdrop East, is one to look to for the next couple of years as they work to build upon their dominance from the previous season.

Mox Box Bowl

  • Ben Friedman
  • Alex Majlaton
  • Eugene Hwang
  • Rob Pisano
  • Brandon Fischer
  • Paul Yeem

The final part of the former East West Bowl has reformed under Ben Friedman as Mox Box Bowl, representing many long-time Magic veterans alongside some up-and-comers who have posted some big finishes in the last two seasons. I would be remiss if I didn't point out that one element of their former team name is present in each of their three new teams.

MTG Bent Card

  • Andrea Mengucci
  • Anthony Lee
  • Javier Dominguez
  • Christian Calcano
  • Michael Bonde
  • Corey Baumeister

As the testing counterpart of MTG Mint Card, featuring many of the friends from outside of the Asia Pacific, MTG Bent Card has formed as a playful jab at their friends. Formed under Andrea Mengucci, the team features representation from three continents and five countries.

MTG Mint Card

  • Lee Shi Tian
  • Jason Chung
  • Huang Hao-Shan
  • Kelvin Chew
  • Eduardo Sajgalik
  • Nam Sung Wook

Known as the super-team out of the Asia Pacific, MTG Mint Card has expanded its roster and alliances into parts of Europe and North America over the years. In this iteration for the season, Canadian Eduardo Sajgalik joins Hong Kong Magic superstar Lee Shi Tian alongside representatives from New Zealand, Chinese Taipei, Singapore, and South Korea.


  • Kentaro Yamamoto
  • Yuuya Watanabe
  • Ken Yukuhiro
  • Yuuki Ichikawa
  • Teruya Kakumae
  • Shota Yasooka

Japan has brought another hyper-powered team into the 2016–17 Pro Tour Team Series, with Pro Tour Hall of Famers Shota Yasooka and Yuuya Watanabe working alongside a stacked line-up of Japan's most prominent pros from the last few seasons.


  • David Ochoa
  • Joshua Cho
  • Gerry Thompson
  • Justin Cohen
  • Matthew Severa
  • Samuel Black

A cross section of players who have worked together on and off over the years has come together to form Mutiny, a collaboration between pros from California; Roanoke, Virginia; and Madison, Wisconsin, including renowned deck builder Samuel Black.


  • Jason Smyth
  • Mike Mei
  • Huaxing Bai
  • Harold Chow
  • Caleb Van Patten
  • Dan Besterman

A collection of Regional Pro Tour Qualifier winners and Grand Prix top finishers, NorCal represents Jason Smyth alongside five Pro Tour first-timers. Undaunted by the competition ahead, the team is ready to make the most of their Pro Tour experience and are setting out to prove themselves on the big stage.


  • Pierre Dagen
  • Magnus Lantto
  • Gabriel Nassif
  • Grzegorz Kowalski
  • Matteo Moure
  • Marco Cammilluzzi

Former EUreka members have come together to form a new team with two players from Italy, one from Poland, and one famous Pro Tour Hall of Famer from France. Opportunity combines many modern Magic minds with a Pro Tour legend to form an alliance across four European countries.

Puzzle Quest

  • Reid Duke
  • Owen Turtenwald
  • William Jensen
  • Jon Finkel
  • Andrew Cuneo
  • Paul Rietzl

Perhaps the most looked-to team at every Pro Tour, Puzzle Quest brings the Peach Garden Oath of Reid Duke, Owen Turtenwald, and William Jensen together with many great minds from Pro Tour history, including Jonny Magic himself, Jon Finkel.


  • Ryan Cubit
  • David Mines
  • James Wilks
  • Garry Lau
  • Riccardo Bragato
  • Matthew Anderson

Relatively new to the Pro Tour scene, Tapas features the Australian World Magic Cup team that just recently earned a Top 8 at 2016's event joining together with some fresh faces from down under.

Top Level

  • Craig Wescoe
  • Raphaël Lévy
  • Patrick Chapin
  • Brian Braun-Duin
  • Mike Hron
  • Dan Lanthier

The final team in the Pro Tour Team Series brings together multiple Pro Tour Champions and experienced Magic players under one banner. Top Level—named after team member Patrick Chapin's podcast with Michael J. Flores—is a powerhouse team that combines great Constructed minds, Limited strategists, and tight players to form one solid configuration.

These teams will do their best in preparing for Pro Tour Aether Revolt, which takes place February 3–5 in Dublin, Ireland. Tune in to twitch.tv/magic during those days to see it all for yourself!

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