2017 Live Video Coverage at a Glance

Posted in Competitive Gaming on December 15, 2016

By Mike Rosenberg

Mike Rosenberg is a writer and gamer and has been part of the Magic text coverage team since 2011. He joined Wizards as organized play’s content specialist in June 2014.

With the end of the year almost here, this will be the final Organized Play article to come from me for 2016. I'll be back after DailyMTG reruns and once Aether Revolt previews run their course.

I leave you with three final things this year: a tease of 2017's live video coverage schedule, a look at the Grand Prix T-shirt you'll find on prize walls starting at Grand Prix Louisville, and some more Regional Pro Tour Qualifier Top 8 decklists.

2017 Live Video Coverage Teaser

Personally, I am very excited for 2017. There are lots of great things on the horizon, some fantastic work trips coming up (I'm looking at you, Kyoto!), and a Pro Tour Team Series making its debut with a soft launch very, very soon.

2017 is also going to be a fun year for fans who want to watch top tournament Magic action from home. While 2016 presented a few challenges, 2017 presents a step up, with more shows receiving live video coverage and a lot of exciting tournaments to dig into as a result of our official partnership with Twitch.

Coverage for tournaments listed below are what you'll find on twitch.tv/magic, our official home for all English-language coverage of Magic's premier play events!

We'll be going into greater detail on our plans for 2017 coverage with you in January, and that will include a broad look at the year, our plans for both video and written coverage, and more. But in the meantime, here's what you can look forward to in January and February!

January 7–8: Super Sunday Series Championship (Multiple Formats) and an Aether Revolt Pre-Prerelease
January 28–29: Grand Prix Prague (Limited)
February 3–5: Pro Tour Aether Revolt in Dublin, Ireland (Standard/Booster Draft)
February 11–12: Grand Prix Pittsburgh (Standard)
February 18–19: Grand Prix Vancouver (Modern)
February 25–26: Grand Prix Utrecht (Standard)

Keep your eyes peeled in January for an even bigger announcement, but in the meantime, mark your calendars for those, and we'll see you next year in our Twitch channel!

The Grand Prix Prize Wall T-Shirt for Aether Revolt

With Aether Revolt previews trickling out now and more to come, now's a great time to show off what you can get from a Grand Prix prize wall starting at Grand Prix Louisville. Take a look at the art for this one!

In fitting fashion, the Grand Prix T-shirt continues its very heavy metal look and feel with the Master of Metal himself.

This is a Grand Prix exclusive, and it'll only be available through Grand Prix Mexico City (April 8–9, 2017), so if you want one for yourself, plan your travel to a Grand Prix near you in the first quarter of 2017!

More Regional Pro Tour Qualifier Top 8 Decklists

This round of Regional Pro Tour Qualifier (RPTQs) is close to done, with only one Magic Online RPTQ left and all in-store events completed. This round qualified the Top 4 finishers for Pro Tour Aether Revolt.

Here are the attendance numbers from last weekend's RPTQs.

City Players
Prague 68
Birmingham 80
Rome 90
Roskilde 47
Madrid 118
Köln 73
Santiago 34
Sao Paulo 84
Mexico City 45
Montreal 46
Milford 56
Maitland 46
Berkeley 47
San Diego 62
Plano 62
Sandy 50

These links will also be added to last week's article, which will serve as a reference for all in-store Top 8 decklists that we posted for this round.

Congratulations to everyone who earned invitations to Pro Tour Aether Revolt in Dublin, Ireland, February 3–5!

The next round of Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers, which qualifies the Top 4 finishers for Pro Tour Amonkhet in Nashville, Tennessee, May 12–14, will take place the weekends of February 25–26 and March 4–5, 2017. The Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers that will qualify you for that round are going on right now, so check the list to see if a store near you is hosting one and maybe we'll see you on the Pro Tour next year!

Standard Showdown is four-week event celebrating all that is Standard, with local tournaments, cool prizes, and opportunities for bragging rights and brewing.

Looking for a Standard Showdown tournament near you? Use this locator to find your nearest store hosting one of these fun events.


Already been to an event and crushed it? Submit your name, deck list, record, store where you played, and any fun photos you have at standardshowdown@wizards.com or by filling out the form below.

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