2017 Magic World Championship Photo Essay

Posted in Organized Play on October 10, 2017

By Blake Rasmussen

Blake is the content manager for DailyMTG.com, making him the one you should email if you have thoughts on the website, good or less good (or not good). He's a longtime coverage reporter and hasn't turned down a game of Magic in any format ever.

Sure, you watched the 2017 Magic World Championship this weekend. But the cameras didn't show you everything. They couldn't possibly. Fortunately, intrepid photographer Craig Gibson was on hand to document everything. I can't realistically show you every one of the hundreds of photos he took, but let me take you on a tour of the weekend through Gibson's lens.

Photos by Craig Gibson

Welcome to Boston! Follow me . . .

To the Castle at Park Plaza! Yes, that's a freakin' castle in the middle of Boston.

And the site of all of this—the 2017 Magic World Championship!

Here there be monsters! (Or scorekeepers and tournament assistants.)

And heroes! (Or Japanese coverage staff broadcasting back to Japan.)

And, of course, friends (Or US broadcast professionals/bad joke aficionados).

And, naturally, friendly foes. (That's Lucas Esper Berthoud on the left and Gerry Thompson on the right.)

And also family! (That's William Jensen's father—also William Jensen, actually.)

The competition started Thursday, as the two teams built their Sealed pools for the Pro Tour Team Series finals prior to the broadcast. Musashi's Yuuya Watanabe found a River's Rebuke he was pretty happy about.

Meanwhile, team Genesis crafted their own six decks.

Friday started with a draft. On the left, Draft Master Martin Jůza started under the spotlight, while Javier Dominguez tried to hide from it.

Though the competition was fierce, that didn't stop players from having a little fun . . .

. . . while competing for this trophy (and also the $100,000 first prize).

Over fourteen long rounds, things could get complicated.

But the least complicated thing was William Jensen's path to the Top 4, as he happily dominated all weekend.

For a while, it looked like the rest of Peach Garden Oath (left to right: Reid Duke, Jensen, Owen Turtenwald) might make the Top 4 alongside Jensen.

But first, Turtenwald fell, losing in the final round to fall to 8-6 on the weekend.

Then, down went Duke. He finished 9-5, but he had the worst tiebreakers of that group and ended up 5th.

Instead, Josh Utter-Leyton gleefully took the final stage.

The Top 4 (from left to right) was Jensen, Utter-Leyton, Dominguez (no longer hiding), and Kelvin Chew.

First up, Jensen dispatched Kelvin Chew—the first player to beat Jensen in the Swiss rounds. Huey Jensen Revenge Tour Stop 1 was completed as Jensen's biggest fans (Owen Turtenwald and Reid Duke) fidgeted while watching in the audience.

Next, Javier Dominguez quickly beat Josh Utter-Leyton 3-0. Dominguez, mind you, was the second player to beat Jensen in the Swiss rounds.

That led us to Huey Jensen Revenge Tour Stop 2: The Dominguezing. Jensen spent a good amount of time rubbing his head for the answer. Or luck. We're not sure.

After a tense match, Jensen came out on top! And with a cool $100,000.

That means William "Huey" Jensen is the 2017 Magic World Champion! Congratulations to William Jensen! (And Reid. And Owen.)

That's all from Boston! Until next time!

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