2018 Live Video Coverage Schedule

Posted in Competitive Gaming on December 12, 2017

By Greg Collins

After starting his career covering college football and basketball for ESPN.com, Greg Collins found a way to merge his love of sports and games into one job. He's been in charge of Magic event coverage since 2004.

Editor's Note: This article was updated to reflect the addition of the Nationals tournaments that Wizards is providing video coverage for. 

It was just over one year ago that Wizards of the Coast announced our exclusive streaming partnership with Twitch. For the first eleven months of 2017, more than 4.5 million people have watched the twitch.tv/magic channel, viewing more than 380 million minutes of content. We've been thrilled with both the amount of content we're able to provide and the exceptional growth in the audience thanks to the partnership, and that excitement has only grown as we unveil our streaming plans for 2018.

One of the major lessons that our 2017 schedule taught us was how important it is to spend a majority of available weekends streaming live content from Pro Tours, Grand Prix, and the like. We've applied that approach to next year as well, featuring live streams from:

  • Four Pro Tours;
  • Magic World Championship and Team Series Championship;
  • World Magic Cup;
  • 35 Grand Prix (including four double-GP weekends);
  • Magic Online Championship; and
  • National Championships (to be determined).

That schedule amounts to live video coverage streamed on twitch.tv/magic on at least 38 weekends in 2018, for a total of nearly 1,000 hours of live content. So break out those calendars to mark down these streaming weekends:

  • Jan. 6–7: Grand Prix Santa Clara
  • Jan. 20–21: Grand Prix Indianapolis
  • Jan. 27–28: Grand Prix London
  • Feb. 3–5: Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan in Bilbao, Spain
  • Feb. 10–11: Grand Prix Toronto
  • Feb. 17–18: Grand Prix Lyon
  • Feb. 24–25: Grand Prix Memphis
  • March 2–4: Magic Online Championship in Renton, Washington
  • March 10–11: Grand Prix Madrid
  • March 17–18: Grand Prix Phoenix
  • April 6–8: Grand Prix Seattle (double-GP weekend)
  • April 14–15: Grand Prix Memphis
  • April 28–29: Grand Prix Bologna
  • May 5–6: Grand Prix Dallas
  • May 11–13: Grand Prix Birmingham (double-GP weekend)
  • May 26–27: Grand Prix Washington, DC
  • June 1–3: Pro Tour Dominaria in Richmond, Virginia
  • June 9–10: Grand Prix Copenhagen
  • June 15–17: Grand Prix Las Vegas (double-GP weekend)
  • June 23–24: Grand Prix Pittsburgh
  • June 30–July 1: U.S. Nationals
  • July 7–8: Grand Prix São Paulo
  • July 21–22: Grand Prix Sacramento
  • July 28–29: Grand Prix Minneapolis
  • Aug. 3–5: Pro Tour 25th Anniversary in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Aug. 11–12: Grand Prix Brussels
  • Aug. 18–19: Grand Prix Los Angeles
  • Aug. 25–26: Grand Prix Prague
  • Aug. 31–Sept. 2: Grand Prix Richmond (double-GP weekend)
  • Sept. 8–9: Grand Prix Detroit
  • Sept. 8–9: Japan Nationals (timeshifted coverage)
  • Sept. 15–16: Grand Prix Stockholm
  • Weekend of Sept. 23–24: 2018 Magic World Championship and Team Series Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada (exact event dates TBD)
  • Oct. 6–7: Grand Prix Montreal
  • Oct. 27–28: Grand Prix Lille
  • Nov. 3–4: Grand Prix Atlanta
  • Nov. 9–11: Pro Tour "Spaghetti" in Atlanta
  • Nov. 17–18: Grand Prix Milwaukee
  • Dec. 8–9: Grand Prix Liverpool
  • Dec. 14–16: World Magic Cup in Barcelona, Spain

Over the past year, we experimented with running live video streams at two Grand Prix on the same weekend. For 2018, the streaming schedule will instead focus on just one location on a given weekend. This will increase the frequency with which our Twitch channel is streaming content and allow us to tell the complete story from each event we stream.

That includes four three-day Grand Prix streams from Seattle, Birmingham, Las Vegas, and Richmond. Those three-day streams will feature Day One and Day Two of the first Grand Prix, and then Day Two of the second Grand Prix of each weekend. Grand Prix not listed above will receive text and social media coverage.

Next year also features the debut of a coverage approach at the GP level that combines Wizards' video production team with the video team at ChannelFireball Events, led by new global coverage manager Rich Hagon. We're looking to take the best parts of each crew to deliver a consistent coverage package at all Grand Prix.

I want to thank everyone who has made 2017 a great year for coverage. You've tuned in around the world in record numbers to see some of the most memorable moments in Magic's great history. You've also provided great feedback over social media to help us make coverage better week in and week out. I couldn't be more excited for what we have in store for 2018!

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