Amaz Comes to Kyoto, Plus Video Through June

Posted in Competitive Gaming on May 25, 2017

By Mike Rosenberg

Mike Rosenberg is a writer and gamer and has been part of the Magic text coverage team since 2011. He joined Wizards as organized play’s content specialist in June 2014.

We've got a lot to cover this week, and we're kicking things off with an update on Pro Tour Hour of Devastation's invited players.

Amaz Comes to Kyoto!

We're excited to announce today that Jason Chan, better known as Amaz (and not to be confused with Magic artist Jason Chan), has been given a special invitation to compete in Pro Tour Hour of Devastation, which takes place July 28–30 in Kyoto, Japan! Amaz is a professional gamer who regularly streams on Twitch and has been an active streamer on most days for over three years. He is currently an active member on one of NRG eSport's professional rosters.

Special invitations to the Pro Tour are occasionally and sparingly awarded at the sole discretion of Wizards of the Coast.

We look forward to seeing Amaz in Kyoto later this year!

Video Coverage Through June

With the Pro Tour and a few Grand Prix now behind us, I'd like to turn your attention to the rest of our Grand Prix schedule through June, with a look at what you can expect from the live video coverage that will be hosted at events for the next couple of weeks.

Modern Double this Weekend

Our next GP weekend with video is coming up in a few days, as Kobe and Copenhagen play host to the first Modern GPs following the release of Amonkhet. With Death's Shadow Aggro solidifying itself as one of the key decks to beat out of Grand Prix Vancouver a couple of months back, will it put up a similar showing this weekend in both cities?

Copenhagen is getting the live video treatment this weekend, with the info below:

May 26-28: Grand Prix Kobe and Copenhagen

Live Video from: Grand Prix Copenhagen (

Start Times: Saturday, May 27 (12 a.m. PT/7 a.m. UTC), and Sunday, May 28 (12 a.m. PT/7 a.m. UTC)

Video Producer: Rich Hagon

Video Director: Rashad Miller

Camera and Graphics: Steven Leeming

Play-by-Play Commentators: Tim Willoughby

Color Commentators: Simon Görtzen

Dual-Role Commentators (PbP and Color): Marijn Lybaert

Writer-Reporters: Tobi Henke (Copenhagen), Chapman Sim (Kobe)

This weekend's line-up features the European crew of Tim and Simon, with Marijn making his long-awaited return to the booth. It's sure to be an exciting weekend of Modern!

Three Standard GPs, Three Different Continents

Following this weekend's Modern is a triple header of Standard GPs in Asia, Europe, and North America!

June 2-4: Grand Prix Manila, Amsterdam, and Omaha

Live Video from: Grand Prix Amsterdam and Omaha (

Start Times: Saturday, June 3 (12 a.m. PT/7 a.m. UTC), and Sunday, June 4 (12 a.m. PT/7 a.m. UTC)

Video Producer: Rich Hagon (Amsterdam), Brian David-Marshall (Omaha)

Video Director: Steven Leeming (Amsterdam), Rashad Miller (Omaha)

Camera and Graphics: Neil Rigby (Amsterdam), BJ Ogden (Omaha)

Play-by-Play Commentators: Riley Knight (Amsterdam), Marshall Sutcliffe (Omaha)

Color Commentators: Marijn Lybaert (Amsterdam), Reid Duke (Omaha)

Dual-Role Commentators (PbP and Color): Matej Zatlkaj (Amsterdam), Luis Scott-Vargas (Omaha)

Writer-Reporters: Chapman Sim (Manila), Frank Karsten (Amsterdam), Corbin Hosler (Omaha)

Coverage for this weekend will start with Amsterdam and will run for its entirety, with Omaha video coverage checking in once Amsterdam has wrapped each day, similar to what we did during GP Barcelona and New Jersey weekend back in March.

Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

While the weekend following Manila, Amsterdam, and Omaha will be a break in the action, things get back up to speed the week after in a big way with Grand Prix Las Vegas (times three!).

June 15-18: Grand Prix Vegas (Legacy, Limited, and Modern)

Live Video on:

Start Times: Thursday, June 15 through Sunday, June 18 (9:15 a.m. PT/4:15 p.m. UTC)

Video Team: Channel Fireball

Commentators: Brian David-Marshall, Gaby Spartz, Marshall Sutcliffe, Luis Scott-Vargas, Patrick Chapin, William Jensen

Writer-Reporters: Marc Calderaro and Meghan Wolff

GP Vegas coverage will be provided by Channel Fireball on all four days. Expect to see the entirety of the Legacy main event, the Limited Top 8 draft and matches, and a whole lot of Modern to close out the weekend.

With four days of excitement, the team of commentators will rotate in and out depending on the day to bring you a variety of duos over the whole show! The exact breakdown of who will be commentating on which day is:

Thursday: Brian David-Marshall and Patrick Chapin, Marshall Sutcliffe and William Jensen
Friday: Luis Scott-Vargas and Patrick Chapin, Brian David-Marshall and William Jensen
Saturday: Gaby Spartz and Luis Scott-Vargas, Marshall Sutcliffe and William Jensen
Sunday: Gaby Spartz and Luis Scott-Vargas, Marshall Sutcliffe and William Jensen

GP Vegas will be a weekend you won't want to miss in person, but if you can't make it, be sure to tune in during the four days of main events to catch up on all the action!

Team Limited Rounds Out June

The month of June wraps up with Team Limited Grand Prix in both Sydney and Cleveland. Here's a look at coverage teams for that weekend:

June 23-25: Grand Prix Sydney and Cleveland

Live Video from: Grand Prix Cleveland (

Start Times: Saturday, June 24 (7:45 a.m. PT/2:45 p.m. UTC), and Sunday, June 25 (7:15 a.m. PT/2:15 p.m. UTC)

Video Producer: Rich Hagon

Video Director: Rashad Miller

Camera and Graphics: BJ Ogden

Play-by-Play Commentators: Maria Bartholdi

Color Commentators: Kenji Egashira

Dual-Role Commentators (PbP and Color): Marshall Sutcliffe

Writer-Reporters: Corbin Hosler (Cleveland), Ray Walkinshaw (Sydney)

We'll be bringing you every round of Team Limited from GP Cleveland, featuring the first-time GP duo of Maria Bartholdi and Kenji Egashira along with Marshall Sutcliffe, who will be in both seats throughout both days.

It's going to be a fun couple of weeks of coverage, so tune in because we look forward to spending our weekends with you on Twitch!

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