Amonkhet Grand Prix and Dreamhack Goodness

Posted in Competitive Gaming on April 27, 2017

By Mike Rosenberg

Mike Rosenberg is a writer and gamer and has been part of the Magic text coverage team since 2011. He joined Wizards as organized play’s content specialist in June 2014.

Last week, I provided a brief look at some of the playmats you can look forward to getting at some of May's Grand Prix. Today, I'll be showing off more of the playmats players can get at upcoming GPs all the way through June, as well as this season's Grand Prix prize wall T-shirt, themed to Amonkhet.

Then, we'll look at some of the preliminary news to come out regarding North America's Eternal Weekend later this fall. Finally, I'll be looking at an event that's coming up this weekend: Dreamhack Austin.

Grand Prix Goodies Through June

While I showcased the Grand Prix playmats from the weekends before and after Pro Tour Amonkhet last week, there are many more weeks of GPs leading through June that I'd like to highlight today.

First up is the Modern Grand Prix weekend of Kobe and Copenhagen. The playmat for both Grand Prix highlights recently reprinted fetch-land hoser Aven Mindcensor with the brand-new artwork from Eric Deschamps.

Everyone who participates in the main event for Grand Prix Kobe will receive a playmat, and competitors in Copenhagen will receive one via select registration packages. With two days of Modern to look forward to, we're excited to see players from both regions bring their best to the table!

Following the Modern weekend is a Standard triple header in Manila, Amsterdam, and Omaha. The main event competitors from each GP will receive an event-exclusive playmat featuring Glorybringer, one of Amonkhet's hard-hitting red creatures with artwork from Sam Burley.

After that, the GP circuit takes a weekend off as we head into the Grand Prix Las Vegas triple–Grand Prix extravaganza. GP Vegas will host three distinct main events featuring Legacy, Limited, and Modern, along with an assortment of experiences on-site for Magic players of all varieties to enjoy.

Each one of the GP Vegas main events offers a unique playmat featuring one of the beautiful pieces of artwork from the Masterpiece Series: Amonkhet Invocations. GP Vegas Legacy main event participants will receive a Force of Will playmat, featuring new Masterpiece artwork from Jaime Jones.

The Limited main event playmat features the new Vindicate artwork from Igor Kieryluk.

And finally, the Modern main event playmat features the new Maelstrom Pulse artwork, again from Igor Kieryluk.

There are many other things to check out at GP Vegas during the five days events will be running, including 20 different Draft formats taking place over the course of the weekend; over 20 Magic artists; Massive Magic on Friday, featuring the Hour of Devastation preview kick-off; and the Magic Art Show, a bona fide art exhibition featuring original works from four different Magic planes! We look forward to seeing so many of you there that weekend!

June wraps up with two Team Sealed GPs in Sydney and Cleveland featuring three distinct playmats for registered teams in each respective main event. These playmats show off the three two-color legendary creatures that appear in Amonkhet, which are Neheb, the Worthy (artwork by Chris Rahn); Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons (artwork by Tyler Jacobson); and Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun (artwork by Anna Steinbauer).

Details for how teams can obtain these playmats differ for each event, so we strongly recommend looking at the event info for both Grand Prix for more details.

And finally, I'm excited to reveal the artwork for the T-shirt that you'll be able to obtain from prize walls at Grand Prix taking place in May and June.

These T-shirts have personally been some of my favorite event exclusives and have been a go-to for me to wear here at the office and at events for two years now. Amonkhet season is no exception, featuring a stylized portrayal of the Approach of the Second Sun.

Eternal Weekend in North America

Last Thursday, Card Titan announced that the location for North America's Eternal Weekend will be Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, from October 19–22 later this year. Eternal Weekend will feature both the Legacy Championship and Vintage Championship, two prestigious tournaments for Eternal aficionados featuring some of the game's most powerful cards.

More details on Eternal Weekend will come later this June, but in the meantime, Card Titan has revealed the artwork that will be featured on the first-place prizes for both the Vintage and Legacy Championship. You can see that art and the event info page over on the Card Titan website, which will be your source for future updates on this exciting weekend of Eternal Magic.

Dreamhack Austin This Weekend!

And finally, coming up this weekend is Dreamhack Austin. For those who are unfamiliar, Dreamhack is an electronic gaming festival that first originated in Sweden with massive summer and winter events that made for some of the sickest LAN parties you could take part in. It has since grown, becoming one of the world's largest gatherings for all things gaming, music, and more. They have also become a widely-watched platform for e-sports, broadcasting some of the biggest events each year to millions of people worldwide.

This year, Cascade Games has partnered with Dreamhack to bring tabletop gaming to the events taking place in the USA, including some special Magic events! One of these is the Dreamhack Magic Battle main event, an invitation-only Amonkhet Booster Draft tournament featuring a $10,000 prize pool. Players can qualify for this special tournament by winning qualifying events on Friday and Saturday, with the remaining seats in the tournament being filled out by top performing players from both days, based on points that'll be awarded to participants who do well in the other events taking place that weekend. In addition, Magic artists RK Post and Noah Bradley will be in attendance!

Dreamhack attendees can also pick up an event-exclusive playmat at the event's prize wall, featuring the artwork from one of Amonkhet's Mountains (artwork by Jonas De Ro).

Speaking of playmats, have you ever wondered how they're made? Dreamhack—with host Cedric Phillips—took a tour through Ultra PRO headquarters to see what the process looks like as Dreamhack's playmats were being produced. You can check out that video below.

For more information on the full weekend schedule of Magic events, head over to the Dreamhack Austin website.

This weekend will be my first trip out to a Dreamhack event, and I'll be accompanied by community manager Nate Price as well as Organized Play compadre Aaron Reed as we explore all things Dreamhack and check out the Magic events taking place that weekend. We look forward to seeing everyone there!

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