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Posted in Competitive Gaming on April 8, 2015

By Mike Rosenberg

Mike Rosenberg is a writer and gamer and has been part of the Magic text coverage team since 2011. He joined Wizards as organized play’s content specialist in June 2014.

In case you missed the memo, there's a Pro Tour taking place this weekend. It starts Friday, April 10, and by the time this article is live I'll have spent my first few hours in Brussels, Belgium, as the rest of the coverage team and I get ready for three days of the world's best facing off for the title of Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir champion.

I'm also not here to explain how monumental this weekend will be to the Standard and Booster Draft formats (although it will be). I will tell you that, if you need more reasons to tune in to live Pro Tour coverage, that Rich Hagon already does a fine job of listing the reasons why this—along with any Pro Tour—is a can't-miss event for Magic lovers new and old.

I'll also be more than happy to direct your attention to the Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir coverage page, featuring: video, CoverItLive chat, articles, and up-to-date standings. It all starts Friday, April 10, at 12 a.m. PT/3 a.m. ET/7 a.m. GMT/9 a.m. CET.

Now, let's jump ahead to something taking place a little later in the spring.

Modern Masters Weekend Updates

It's hard to believe we're less than two months away from Modern Masters Weekend, a global celebration of modern Magic featuring three very special Grand Prix at the end of May. Featuring Modern Masters 2015 Edition Limited, some iconic artist line-ups, and a lot to do across three or four days, these events are expected to have some incredible turn-outs, and we've got a couple of big updates surrounding these three events.

First up is Grand Prix Las Vegas, an event with some history with Modern Masters already thanks to 2013's earth-shattering turnout of 4,492 players. Given that the number of players pre-registered for the next GP in Vegas is at 3,900 as I write this, it's starting to look like the last Grand Prix Vegas may get lapped by the time festivities begin.

Since the last time we talked about Modern Masters Weekend, the GP Vegas side event schedule has been published and pre-registration for side events has opened up. Remember: the Las Vegas Convention Center may be big, but the space isn't infinite. There is a maximum capacity for side events along with the main event, so players who are attending Grand Prix Las Vegas are highly encouraged to pre-register for any and all events they intend to play in.

In addition to a robust schedule of side events, Grand Prix Las Vegas has a historic 29 artists attending as of this announcement, with a line-up sporting everyone from some of Magic's original artists to some of the game's newest faces. You can see the full list of artists attending this event at the GP Vegas web site.

Oh, and if you're still on the fence about coming to this event, remember that ChannelFireball's Registration Rewards offer a good reason to reserve your spot early. And if that's not enough, every person who plays in Grand Prix Las Vegas will receive a copy of one of these bad-boys.

Yes, everyone, that is the likeness of Hall of Famer Luis Scott-Vargas, sporting a look that many who tuned in to the 2012 World Magic Cup coverage may recall. He'll also be signing each token that goes out to main event participants. I wish him best of luck on avoiding any hand cramps while doing that.

However, Modern Masters Weekend is a GLOBAL celebration of modern Magic, and Europe will be part of that with Grand Prix Utrecht. As of April 3, over 1,900 players have pre-registered for this momentous Grand Prix, meaning this Grand Prix main event is nearly 40% sold out!

Speaking of pre-registration numbers, TournamentCenter.EU is also hosting Registration Rewards. If you want to give yourself the most chances to win something really sweet, and you're already planning to go to Grand Prix Utrecht, pre-register now!

The Grand Prix Utrecht side event schedule is also available for viewing, and pre-registration for this GP's midnight Mega Trial is open now. If you're going and can't wait until Friday morning to start honing your Modern Masters 2015 Edition Sealed Deck building skills, then register for this event now! The midnight Mega Trial takes place Thursday night/Friday morning, May 28-29, at midnight.

Completing this global tour of Modern Masters Weekend GPs is Grand Prix Chiba, taking place May 29–31. With a maximum main event player capacity of 4,000, this event is sure to fill up with registrations fast.

Speaking of which, pre-registration for the Grand Prix Chiba main event opened yesterday...and is now already closed, as they have sold out their initial 4,000 seats.

However, there may still be a chance that a few seats open up due to cancellations. You can get the latest information on the GP Chiba web site, and by following Hareruya Inc., the tournament organizer for this event, on Twitter.


Looking for even more reasons to attend one of the three Grand Prix taking place during Modern Masters Weekend? Then check out one of the three event-exclusive playmats you can get simply be being a part of Magic history and competing in the main event of one of these GPs!

Grand Prix Las Vegas 2015 Playmat

Grand Prix Utrecht 2015 Playmat

Grand Prix Chiba 2015 Playmat

Whether you're new to Magic or have been playing since the beginning, Modern Masters Weekend is something you will want to be part of. So take a look at the Grand Prix you most want to go to, make plans, and then in May you'll help us make Magic history.

As for this week, if you're competing in Brussels, Belgium, this weekend; I may see you at the Pro Tour. If you're not attending, then we'll see you on Twitch.

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