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Posted in Competitive Gaming on January 7, 2015

By Mike Rosenberg

Mike Rosenberg is a writer and gamer and has been part of the Magic text coverage team since 2011. He joined Wizards as organized play’s content specialist in June 2014.

Fate Reforged will hit stores on January 23. While you spend the next few weeks checking out previews of the new set, the Fate Reforged preview season gives you a chance to plan early for the new Standard format.

If you're looking to show off the awesome things you can do with the new set in a Standard tournament that offers players a taste of competitive play in a friendly environment, then the Fate Reforged Game Day is for you!

We also have some Grand Prix updates, including some new info and a look back to the last few GPs in recent weeks. But first…

What Is the Fate Reforged Game Day?

Fate Reforged Game Day is a special Standard tournament that takes place February 14–15 at local stores all over the world. These one-day events give players a chance to see the new cards in action in Standard Constructed. Fate Reforged Game Day events are Swiss-style tournaments.

Every participant in a Fate Reforged Game Day event receives a full-art promo Mardu Shadowspear.

Players compete in a predetermined number of Swiss rounds, and then tournament cuts to a Top 8 single-elimination playoff. All Top 8 players will receive a premium full-art Supplant Form promo card.

The winner at the end of the single-elimination playoff matches will receive a special Champion playmat to represent his or her victory at the Game Day event!

Where Can I Play in a Fate Reforged Game Day?

Fate Reforged Game Day events will be held in local game and hobby stores all over the world on February 14–15. Start times, entry fee, and any additional prizes are determined by each independent store, so find a store near you that is running a Game Day event and contact your local store for more information.

For more information on Game Day events in general, please visit our Game Day page.


While the famous "Grand Prix TBDs" were revealed, there was one other location for the 2015 Grand Prix schedule that was unconfirmed outside of the country in which it'd take place. That event has now been locked down, and we're excited to announce that the location is Kobe, Japan.

Grand Prix Kobe will take place on November 20–22, 2015. The format for Grand Prix Kobe is Standard. As we approach closer to the event, we'll have more details on this Grand Prix available to you.

Shizuoka and Omaha

With 54 Grand Prix taking place from December 2014 to the end of November 2015, there are plenty of events to look forward to. This weekend features both Grand Prix Shizuoka and Grand Prix Omaha!

First up is Shizuoka. Japan's next Grand Prix will be the last chance for pro players to dive into the Khans of Tarkir Limited format before Fate Reforged is included into the mix. The first 1,000 players to register for this main event with the option of receiving a playmat get the event-exclusive souvenir.

Additional Shizuoka playmats can be obtained by winning public events during the weekend.

Meanwhile, Grand Prix Omaha will play host to North America's first Modern Grand Prix since the debut of Khans of Tarkir block. What decks will emerge triumphant in the wide-open field?

Every player who registers for the main event in Omaha will also receive an event-exclusive playmat featuring original artwork from Dan Scott.

The Flashback

A few weekends ago, the new year of Grand Prix kicked off in Milan and Baltimore, debuting new swag as well as twelve more months of big fun, new trophies, and many more attempts to earn Pro Points or an invitation onto the Pro Tour. Since then, two more Grand Prix have taken place in Manila and Denver, kicking off the new year strong.

In Milan, 1,760 players braved travel troubles and public transportation strikes in order to compete in the weekend's main-event Modern madness. When the dust settled, it was Sweden's Magnus Lantto who was left holding the trophy, after dispatching Italy's Niccolo Bellini in a Birthing Pod mirror final match. The Pod on Pod ending to the event came as a surprise, given the prevalence of decks taking advantage of Treasure Cruise alongside Delver's popularity.

The full coverage can be found here, but let's take a look at a few highlights:

Metagame of the Rich and Famous—At the end of the first day of competition, coverage reporter Tobi Henke took at a look at the different archetypes that 50 different top-level players—those who have won somewhere from the high-thousands to the six-figures in prize money over the years—chose to play at Grand Prix Milan.

Deck Tech: Slivers, with Gabriele Schito—Coverage reporter and Hall of Famer Olle Rade sat down with Italy's Gabriele Schito to discuss his choice for Grand Prix Milan: Slivers!

Meanwhile, Baltimore challenged competitors on their knowledge of Khans of Tarkir Limited. A total of 1,235 players made the trek to Maryland to show off not only their fluid understanding of the format in Sealed and Booster Draft, but also their ability to go a step beyond their competition in tackling underrated strategies.

That's precisely what Gerard Fabiano did on his way to victory. Drafting four-color decks that avoided red, favored delve, and took Rakshasa's Secrets very highly, Fabiano was able to replicate his success across three drafts—including the Top 8—on Day Two of GP Baltimore competition. Fabiano's solid understanding of the format and strong play earned the American his third Grand Prix title.

Full coverage can be found here, but let's dive into a few highlight features:

Building Sealed Pool #1 with Josh Utter-Leyton—Armed with a sample Sealed pool, coverage reporter Adam Styborski sat down with former Player of the Year Josh Utter-Leyton to get his take on how to build a Sealed deck out of the cards provided.

Drafting with Ben Stark—Coverage reporter Peter Rawlings made his full-weekend debut in Baltimore, and he wasted no time in getting into the thick of the top tables when he sat down with Hall of Famer Ben Stark to observe his first draft of the day. How did Stark handle a draft gone awry? Read about it for yourself!

Last weekend, Manila was one of two Grand Prix going on that highlighted the current Standard format before Fate Reforged makes its way onto the scene later this month. The Top 8 for this 1,401-player event featured globetrotters Martin Juza and Christian Calcano alongside Asian superstars Lee Shi Tian, Tzu Ching Kuo, and Hall of Famer Makihito Mihara in a playoff that featured eight different countries.

In the end, it was the competitor from down under who overcame a difficult Top 8—including Kuo in his eleventh Grand Prix Top 8—in his quest to secure the trophy.

Full coverage can be found here, but let's take a look at a few highlights:

Meet Tzu Ching Kuo—Coverage reporter Chapman Sim talks with Tzu Ching Kuo, whose resume of solid finishes, including a 2012 World Magic Cup win, has cemented him as one of the Asia-Pacific's best players.

Sick Beats—Coverage reporter Neale Talbot caught up with Lee Shi Tian last weekend to see how his Jeskai Ascendancy deck was performing during the weekend.

Denver, Colorado, also played host to a Standard Grand Prix last weekend, with 1,397 players making the trek out to compete in what Hall of Famer Paul Rietzl said is "possibly the best Standard ever" during the weekend.

In a Top 8 that featured notable names such as Hall of Famer William Jensen, pro of Pro Tours past Paul Cheon, Pro Tour Magic 2015 quarterfinalist Matthew Sperling, Gold-level pro Sam Pardee, and Austria's Valentin Mackl, it was Santa Monica's Andrew Brown who navigated the difficult playoff rounds to secure the win.

Coverage can be found here, but let's dive into some highlights:

A Sea of Strangers: Meet Craig Wescoe—Coverage reporter Jacob Van Lunen sits down to talk to Craig Wescoe about how he got started as a Magic pro.

Not Sick of It Yet—Coverage reporter Marc Calderaro talks to Grand Prix Denver finalist Matthew Sperling about how he balances his personal life with Magic, and how he applies that approach to his sometimes polarizing community content.

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