Grand Prix Updates for 2018: Promos, Schedules, and the Day Two Cut

Posted in Competitive Gaming on October 26, 2017

By Scott Larabee

Scott Larabee started at Wizards of the Coast in 1998, having organized premier Magic tournaments since 1996. He is currently the E-Sports and Premier Play Programs Design Manager. He enjoys Commander and board games.

Editor’s Note: The 2018 GP schedule in this article was updated following an announcement on December 11, 2017. The format for GP Phoenix is now Modern, and GP Providence now takes place on August 17-19 with a main event format of Standard.

Additionally, the date for Grand Prix Melbourne was updated after this announcement, and the venues for Melbourne and Nagoya were updated. For more details on these changes, please refer to this posting.

I may be looking forward to the 2018 Grand Prix season more than any year before it, and not just because you can fight Dinosaurs with Pirates flying through the air like magical trapeze artists. Rather, I'm looking forward to changes being made to Grand Prix and other tournaments that will ensure these marquee events are more enjoyable than ever.

You can jump to any section below for the details:

And if you plan to attend any Grand Prix next year, I suggest starting at the top of this article and reading through till the Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers section. If you don't plan to attend any Grand Prix next year, well, you're missing out—and this Mutavault promo prove it.

Changes to Swiss Rounds and the Day Two Cut

Starting with Grand Prix Santa Clara in January 2018, the number of rounds on Day One of a Grand Prix is changing, as is the cut to make Day Two.

One area of consistent feedback over the last few years has been where to make the Day Two cut. In the not-too-distant past, only players who finished Day One at 7-2 or better moved on to Day Two—essentially everyone who was live to make the Top 8. That was shifted to 6-3 as Grand Prix continued to grow in size so that players could still win out and win some prizes, or even a Pro Tour Qualification. Both cuts had their issues, but with no win-loss record between 7-2 and 6-3 (ties notwithstanding), there wasn't much wiggle room.

Working with CFB, we believe we've hit on a solution to help address the issue. Starting in 2018, all individual Constructed events will be eight rounds on Day One and seven rounds on Day Two, with the cut coming at 6-2 or better.

For Team Grand Prix, Day One will also be eight rounds with a cut at 6-2, with six rounds played on Day Two before the Top 4.

For individual Limited events, the Day Two drafts make things a touch tricky, but we're going to try a hybrid solution. Day One will continue to be nine rounds played with Sealed decks. However, there will be a cut after Round 8, and all players not at 6-2 or better will be eliminated. All remaining players will then play Round 9 with their Sealed deck, and all will be invited back for Day Two.

The result, we believe, will help make days shorter all while finding that happy medium between the 7-2 and 6-3 cuts of yesteryear.

The Full 2018 Grand Prix Schedule

But where, you might wonder, will you be able to partake in one of these Grand Prix? Excellent question.

The first half of the 2018 Grand Prix schedule was revealed in July. Today—right here and right now, in fact—we are revealing the rest of the schedule, as well as the Grand Prix participation promo card: Mutavault, with art by John Avon!

You can pick up your Mutavault copies starting with the first Grand Prix of 2018. We will be moving to a yearly schedule for Grand Prix promos, as seasons were a touch confusing for players. That means we will continue distributing the Progenitus Grand Prix promo through the end of December.

Below you can find the full Grand Prix schedule for 2018. Each event listed will use the new Day One cut system. Everything below Grand Prix Barcelona is new!

Dates City Country Venue Format
January 5–7, 2018 Santa Clara USA Santa Clara Convention Center Team Trios Constructed
January 19–21, 2018 Indianapolis USA Indiana Convention Center Team Limited
January 26–28, 2018 Houston USA George R. Brown Convention Center Limited
January 26–28, 2018 London England ExCeL London Limited
February 9–11, 2018 Toronto Canada Enercare Centre Modern
February 16–18, 2018 Lyon France Eurexpo Lyon Modern
February 23–25, 2018 Memphis USA Memphis Cook Convention Center Standard
March 9-11, 2018 Santiago Chile Hotel Gran Palace Team Limited
March 9–11, 2018 Madrid Spain IFEMA - Feria de Madrid Team Trios Constructed
March 16–18, 2018 Phoenix USA Phoenix Convention Center Modern
March 23–25, 2018 Kyoto Japan Pulse Plaza Team Trios Constructed
March 30–April 1, 2018 Amsterdam Netherlands Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre Team Limited
April 5–8, 2018 Seattle USA Washington State Convention Center Legacy
April 5–8, 2018 Seattle USA Washington State Convention Center Standard
April 13–15, 2018 Hartford USA Connecticut Convention Center Modern
April 13–15, 2018 Sydney Australia International Convention Centre Sydney Team Unified Modern
April 27–29, 2018 Columbus USA Greater Columbus Convention Center Team Limited
April 27–29, 2018 Bologna Italy BolognaFiere Team Limited
May 4–6, 2018 Dallas USA Fort Worth Convention Center Limited
May 4–6, 2018 Beijing China University of Science and Technology Beijing Gymnasium Limited
May 10–13, 2018 Birmingham England National Exhibition Centre Legacy
May 10–13, 2018 Birmingham England National Exhibition Centre Standard
May 18–20, 2018 Toronto Canada Enercare Centre Team Trios Constructed
May 25–27, 2018 Washington, DC USA Dulles Expo Center Team Limited
June 8–10, 2018 Copenhagen Denmark Bella Center Standard
June 14-17, 2018 Las Vegas USA Las Vegas Convention Center Modern
June 14-17, 2018 Las Vegas USA Las Vegas Convention Center Limited
June 22-24, 2018 Singapore Singapore Singapore EXPO Standard
June 22-24, 2018 Pittsburgh USA David L. Lawrence Convention Center Standard
June 29–July 1, 2018 Barcelona Spain Fira Barcelona Modern
July 6–8, 2018 Sao Paulo Brazil Expo Center Norte Modern
July 20–22, 2018 Sacramento USA Sacramento Convention Center Limited
July 20–22, 2018 Chiba Japan Makuhari Messe Limited
July 27–29, 2018 Minneapolis USA Minneapolis Convention Center Limited
July 27–29, 2018 Turin Italy Lingotto Fiere Limited
August 10–12, 2018 Orlando USA Orange County Convention Center Standard
August 10–12, 2018 Brussels Belgium Brussels Expo Standard
August 17–19, 2018 Providence USA Rhode Island Convention Center Standard
August 17–19, 2018 Los Angeles USA Los Angeles Convention Center Standard
August 24–26, 2018 Prague Czech Republic PVA Expro Praha Modern
August 30–September 2, 2018 Richmond USA Greater Richmond Convention Center Legacy
August 30–September 2, 2019 Richmond USA Greater Richmond Convention Center Standard
September 7–9, 2018 Detroit USA Cobo Center Team Unified Modern
September 14–16, 2018 Stockholm Sweden Stockholm International Fairs Modern
September 14–16, 2018 Hong Kong Hong Kong Kowloon Bay International Trade &
Exhibition Centre
October 5–7, 2018 Montreal Canada Place Bonaventure Limited
October 5–7, 2018 Mexico City Mexico Hilton Mexico City Reforma Limited
October 12–14, 2018 Denver USA Crowne Plaza Denver Airport Convention Center Team Limited
October 12–14, 2018 Nagoya Japan Port Messe Nagoya Team Limited
October 26–28, 2018 New Jersey USA Meadowlands Exposition Center Standard
October 26–28, 2018 Lille France Lille Grand Palais Standard
November 2–4, 2018 Atlanta USA Cobb Galleria Centre Modern
November 16–18, 2018 Melbourne Australia Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre Limited
November 16–18, 2018 Milwaukee USA Wisconsin Center Standard
November 23–25, 2018 Warsaw Poland Warsaw Expo XXI Limited
November 29–December 2, 2018 Shizuoka Japan Twin Messe Shizuoka Legacy
November 29–December 2, 2018 Shizuoka Japan Twin Messe Shizuoka Standard
December 7–9, 2018 Portland USA Oregon Convention Center Modern
December 7–9, 2018 Liverpool England ACC Liverpool Team Unified Modern
December 28–30, 2018 Vancouver Canada Vancouver Convention Centre Team Limited

Sunday Pro Tour Qualifier Updates

Tweaks are also being made to the Sunday Pro Tour Qualifiers run at Grand Prix in 2018, mostly to provide a smoother experience for players transitioning from the main event to the PTQ.

All Sunday PTQs will use the format that was featured as the individual main event's format (more on team events in a moment). Yes, this includes Legacy Grand Prix, which will now feature Legacy PTQs on Sundays. Double-Grand Prix weekends will feature two PTQs, one for each format.

As a reminder, all Sunday PTQs will always qualify a person for the Pro Tour that the main event feeds. So the winner of the Grand Prix and the winner of the Sunday PTQ will be invited to the same Pro Tour.

This also means that there will be some differences in PTQ formats for Grand Prix with team main events. From January until May 2018, all team-format main events will feature Team Limited PTQs. After May, Grand Prix with team-format main events will feature individual Limited PTQs. This is due to the Pro Tours they feed—Pro Tour 25th Anniversary and the fall Pro Tour, respectively.

RPTQs Scaled Invites Changes

As Grand Prix grow, so do Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers, leading to a need to adjust their invite scales. Therefore, starting with the RPTQs that feed Pro Tour Dominaria (taking place in early 2018), Pro Tour invites will be given out based on the following attendance:

Attendance at Regional Pro Tour Qualifier Number of Invitations Awarded to Designated Pro Tour
8–16 1
17–46 2
47–93 4
94+ 8

This also applies to invitations to the next round of RPTQs. So invitations to the next round of RPTQs will be given out based on the following attendance:

Attendance at Regional Pro Tour Qualifier Number of Invitations Awarded to Following Round's Regional Pro Tour Qualifier
8–16 2
17–46 4
47–93 8
94+ 8

RPTQ Promo

Last, but certainly not least, merely attending one of the RPTQs feeding Pro Tour Dominaria will get you one of these beauties—Noble Hierarch with new art by Matt Stewart!

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