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Posted in Competitive Gaming on July 13, 2017

By Mike Rosenberg

Mike Rosenberg is a writer and gamer and has been part of the Magic text coverage team since 2011. He joined Wizards as organized play’s content specialist in June 2014.

Last week, we looked at the coverage teams for the next three premier events coming up on our schedule, all the way through Grand Prix Minneapolis.

This week, we'll be going through the sweet Hour of Devastation playmats and other goodies you can get at Grand Prix for the next couple of weeks, carrying into September.

First up isn't a playmat but instead a T-shirt that'll be available on prize walls for the next couple of weeks at Grand Prix worldwide.

The Hour of Devastation T-shirt is a nice little expansion on the design for the Amonkhet Grand Prix shirt, showing the kind of development that you'd expect from a very Bolas-y block.

And now on to the Grand Prix playmats!

Kyoto and Toronto

Both Grand Prix Kyoto and Grand Prix Toronto sport registration playmats that feature the art from Hour of Promise, with gorgeous work from Jonas De Ro.

While online registration for Grand Prix Kyoto has now closed, players interested in competing may still be able to do so via on-site registration Friday. Typically, Japanese GPs will reach their cap, so it's recommended that you don't wait too long on Friday if you wish to play in the main event and are planning to go.

Meanwhile, GP Toronto online registration is still open if you plan to attend, so sign up now if you want to go.


Following Pro Tour Hour of Devastation is Grand Prix Minneapolis, showcasing a fresh Standard environment one week after it makes its big debut at the Pro Tour. The playmat for this event features Bontu's Last Reckoning, with art from Victor Adame Mínguez.

While the early-bird special—which granted the event-exclusive playmat to players who pre-registered—has already ended, the VIP and Megabadge registration options as well as the swag bag all provide the playmat. It'll also be available on the prize wall at this event, so you can earn it!

Birmingham and São Paulo

After a focus on the Pro Tour's formats, this weekend has players looking toward Modern with two main events in Europe and Latin America. The playmat for Grand Prix Birmingham and São Paulo features Shreya Shetty's artwork for Nimble Obstructionist.

Players at GP Birmingham can get this playmat through a variety of registration options, while GP São Paulo players can get the playmat through premium registration or by doing well in side events during the weekend.


Grand Prix Denver returns to the Standard format, along with a playmat featuring some never-before-seen concept art of Nicol Bolas!

While the playmat is no longer available through regular main event registration, players can still obtain this one with the Planeswalker registration package.

Metz and Indianapolis

Grand Prix Metz and Indianapolis will once again feature the Hour of Devastation Limited format during its main events. The playmat for this weekend is a special treat, featuring Zack Stella's epic artwork for Damnation, one of the Amonkhet Invocations that can be opened in Hour of Devastation packs.

The playmat for GP Indianapolis can be obtained either through premium registration options or through the early bird special regular registration, which ends July 14 (that's tomorrow!). If you're looking to play in this one, we recommend signing up now!

The playmat for GP Metz is available through its various main event packages as well as on the prize wall, so check out their website for more info.

Washington, D.C., and Turin

Finally, Standard main events for Grand Prix Washington, D.C. and Turin round out these weeks of Hour of Devastation goodness, with playmats featuring Simon Dominic's art for the set's namesake card, Hour of Devastation.

Everyone who registers for the Turin main event will receive a copy of this playmat. Players who register before Sunday, August 6, for the GP DC main event will receive a copy of this playmat as well.

It's going to be an exciting few weeks of GPs, with some sweet stuff up for grabs, so be sure to—wait, actually, hold that thought. I have one more cool exclusive to show you.

The Pro Tour Playmat!

Pro Tour Hour of Devastation will also feature a cool event-exclusive playmat that people can pick up on-site only in very limited quantities. The playmat features a beautiful combo of both artwork and realism as Nicol Bolas looms over the city of Kyoto, Japan!

If you're looking to snag this one, and you're not going, talk to your friends who are attending the Pro Tour!

That's all for this week, and have fun at during Hour of Devastation's Draft Weekend in the coming days!

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