June, July, and August Grand Prix Abound!

Posted in Competitive Gaming on June 10, 2015

By Mike Rosenberg

Mike Rosenberg is a writer and gamer and has been part of the Magic text coverage team since 2011. He joined Wizards as organized play’s content specialist in June 2014.

May was certainly a month packed with all sorts of modern Magic goodness, but June, July, and August have plenty of Grand Prix action to take part in! Here's what coming up for the next three months.

The next three months of Grand Prix award invitations to Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar, which takes place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the USA on October 16–18, 2015. Players who finish in the Top 8 of a Grand Prix get invitations as well as a travel award to this Pro Tour, but all players who finish with 39 match points at the end of a Grand Prix main event are invited as well, so even if the Grand Prix is big, there are still ample opportunities to qualify!


June kicks off with Grand Prix Charlotte, featuring a Modern Constructed main event shortly after the release of Modern Masters 2015 Edition. This GP is taking place June 12–14.

After that is a double-Grand Prix weekend in Providence and Copenhagen. While the main event for Copenhagen is Modern Constructed, giving Europe's competitors its chance to compete in the wide-open format, Providence highlights Standard Constructed. Both of these events take place June 19–21.

June wraps up with one final double-Grand Prix weekend, with stops in Singapore and Buenos Aires. While South America's June Grand Prix will spotlight Standard Constructed as its main event, Singapore will be featuring Modern.


The month of July is relatively tame for opportunities to play at a Grand Prix. That's because the focus will be on two big moments: the release of Magic Origins on July 17, and the Pro Tour that takes place two weeks after that.

The bulk of the Grand Prix action all takes place July 3–5, with Grand Prix Montreal and Grand Prix Lille. While Montreal's main event format is Dragons of Tarkir Limited, Lille will be Europe's Legacy Grand Prix of 2015.

The only other Grand Prix in July comes at the end of the month, with Grand Prix Dallas/Fort Worth featuring Magic Origins Limited in action one week before the Pro Tour.


While July may be a quieter month, August more than makes up for it with six Grand Prix and a World Championship event to close out this big season!

August kicks off with a Grand Prix in San Diego, highlighting a Standard Constructed main event, along with a GP in Hong Kong, where the format is Magic Origins Limited. After that is a Grand Prix in London, featuring a Standard Constructed main event, and Detroit, which is the Team limited Grand Prix of this season.

The month of GPs concludes during the World Championship at PAX Prime with a Standard Grand Prix in Prague, as well as a Limited Grand Prix in Santiago. Both of these Grand Prix take place August 28–30.

With 14 Grand Prix over the next three months, spanning four different continents, there are some big opportunities to take your game of Magic to a whole new level. If you're planning to go to one of these upcoming events to experience a Grand Prix for yourself, we'll see you there! And if you're going for a chance to qualify for the Pro Tour, then maybe we'll see at you at Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar in Milwaukee this October!

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