Massive Magic at Grand Prix Vegas!

Posted in Competitive Gaming on March 30, 2017

By Mike Rosenberg

Mike Rosenberg is a writer and gamer and has been part of the Magic text coverage team since 2011. He joined Wizards as organized play’s content specialist in June 2014.

As we head into Amonkhet previews, Organized Play's weekly articles will be taking a short hiatus until the week of April 17 while everyone checks out all the new cards that will be coming out in a few short weeks.

However, as the next two weeks look ahead to Amonkhet, this week I'll be looking even further beyond that to Grand Prix Las Vegas. The event (or rather, events) will be taking place June 14–18, with three separate main events all happening in one week. Then, we'll take a quick look at the 2016–17 Pro Tour Team Series soft launch, with the late application deadline coming up and a very small revision to the rules.

We're going to kick off this week with something . . . well, massive.

Massive Magic at GP Vegas

A couple of years ago, a very special side event gave spectators and tournament goers of the Pro Tour an experience that was uh, living life large.

Massive Magic was an oversized experience where people played a game of Magic. Except, of course, the cards were massive, and because of the literal size of the game, it required the assistance of many spectators to necessitate the basic mechanics of a game of Magic.

These were some extraordinary combinations of Magic spectacle and audience participation, and Massive Magic is making a special return at Grand Prix Las Vegas!

On June 16 at the Las Vegas Convention Center for Grand Prix Las Vegas, we'll be hosting a very special Massive Magic game for fans to participate in and enjoy in the evening. More importantly, it'll mark the beginning of Hour of Devastation previews, meaning GP Vegas attendees will get to see several Hour of Devastation cards for the very first time—and in oversized form, no less!

Interested in seeing a special preview edition of Massive Magic for yourself? Head on over to the Grand Prix Las Vegas website for more info about the whole week, and maybe we'll see you in Vegas this June!

Team Series Late Application Deadline Approaching

In Pro Tour Team Series news, the late application deadline for the 2016–17 Pro Tour Team Series soft launch is approaching. This is your official "LAST CALL" for any aspiring players who are qualified for Pro Tour Amonkhet, are not already on a team, and want to form one for 2016–17.

Coinciding with this, we've published a revision of the Pro Tour Team Series Rules and Eligibility, which you can find on the Pro Tour Team Series program page. Nothing too big to highlight in this, and the specific changes can be found below:

  • The previous version of the Team Series rules incorrectly did not include the prize to the Top 4 teams after Pro Tour Amonkhet mentioned in the October 6 Organized Play article from Hélène nor the stipulation of all six team members' Pro Point earnings at Pro Tour Hour of Devastation counting toward the team score for that Pro Tour only. Both are now in the rules to reflect what was previously announced. To clarify:
    • The top five Pro Point finishes of the members of a team are added to a team's score in the 2016–17 season, except for Pro Tour Hour of Devastation, where all six Pro Point finishes are added to the team score.
    • At the end of Pro Tour Amonkhet, the Top 4 teams are given invitations to Pro Tour Hour of Devastation.
  • Some clarifications were added to the application process and team name, logo, and uniform design guidelines. These clarifications are in line with what was expected of team applications for Pro Tour Aether Revolt, and the rules were updated to provide more detail on those specifics.

We look forward to seeing teams in Pro Tour Amonkhet in a couple of weeks!

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