May's Big Moments

Posted in Competitive Gaming on May 13, 2015

By Mike Rosenberg

Mike Rosenberg is a writer and gamer and has been part of the Magic text coverage team since 2011. He joined Wizards as organized play’s content specialist in June 2014.

Last weekend saw the conclusion of numbers three and four of a ten-event month for Premier Play. Up this weekend are five, six, and seven. After that, eight, nine, and ten encompass Modern Masters Weekend.

First up…

This Friday, the 2014 Magic Online Championship kicks off in downtown Seattle. This three-day event challenges the sixteen players who qualified for this tournament across four different formats: Standard, Booster Draft, Modern, and Vintage. Yes, you heard that last format right. Vintage!

The 2014 Magic Online Championship sports quite a cast of competitors as well, including three Pro Tour champions (one of those is in the Hall of Fame!).

You can get the full details on all three days of this event over on the 2014 Magic Onlne Championship information article.

You'll be able to follow the live coverage of all three days on this website, and we'll have live video of the tournament on our Twitch channel, featuring a video crew that mixes together some old and new. Marshall Sutcliffe and Brian David-Marshall will be joined by 2014-15 Player of the Year frontrunner Eric Froehlich as well as Magic Online streaming sensation Kenji "Numotthenummy" Egashira for their first official Magic coverage appearances!

So tune in starting Friday, because you won't want to miss this one!

Next up…

Also going on during this weekend is Grand Prix Shanghai, which continues our week-to-week look into Standard, along with Grand Prix Florence, this season's Team Limited GP. Team Limited is always a treat to watch, as powerhouse trios team up to tackle the skill-intensive Team Sealed format for a shot at the Top 4 Team Booster Drafts.

Team Limited Grand Prix are also a good excuse for busting out the exclusive playmats, and each team of three players get one each of the following:

It's up to the team to divvy those up, but not the hardest decision that the team will undergo as they bust into their Team Sealed pools on Saturday.

While Shanghai will have text coverage from reporters Chapman Sim and Ben Swartz, Florence will be getting both video and text coverage. Showrunner Tobi Henke and writer Oliver Gehrmann will be providing the articles, while the video crew of Matej Zatlkaj, Frank Karsten, Simon Görtzen, Rich Hagon, Steven Leeming, and Tim Willoughby will be bringing you the live streaming video coverage on our Magic2 Twitch Channel.

And then, after a week off, you get…

You may have heard about this weekend, especially if you've been following my Wednesday column for the last few weeks, seeing as how I mention Modern Masters Weekend literally every week. Well there's a reason for that, and the reason is because Modern Masters Weekend is going to be one to remember.

While there will be thousands of Magic players gathered in Las Vegas, Utrecht, and Chiba making Magic history, you can also be part of Modern Masters Weekend even if you aren't attending one of these three GPs!

For those looking to see what's happening in Vegas, Utrecht, and Chiba, we'll be providing you with live video coverage of Modern Masters Weekend, and that means all three events. You'll get the latest from Chiba, Utrecht, as well as Vegas starting Friday when Day One of Grand Prix Chiba's main event commences.

Modern Masters Weekend coverage will take place here on this website, of course, as well as on our Magic and Magic2 Twitch Channels, with Grand Prix coverage alternating round-the-clock on both channels until the very last match of Grand Prix Las Vegas concludes.

We'll have a bit more detail on just what you will be able to watch and read in the next two weeks, but let's just say this: these aren't your average GPs, and this won't be your typical GP coverage.

Of course, while Modern Masters Weekend is going on, we want you to be part of the action as well. Modern Masters 2015 Edition will be available on Magic Online, giving you a chance to play the new set at home while you're watching the coverage.

But that's just one option: we also encourage you to partake in whatever Magic you want to play at your local store, and we anticipate that more than a few stores may be tuned in to Modern Masters Weekend coverage. If your store is throwing a Modern Masters Weekend viewing party, then share it with the world by using the hashtags for the Grand Prix that you are watching.

Be part of something spectacular and help us make Magic history.

The Flashback

Last weekend highlighted two different formats across two continents.

First up is Grand Prix Paris, which featured Standard once again. Antonio Del Moral León, Pro Tour Fate Reforged champion and competitor in this weekend's Magic Online Championship, earned his first Grand Prix Top 8, but he fell short of a victory in the semifinals.

Instead, the weekend went to Belgian Amand Dosimont and his stylish hat, who took the victory over American Zan Syed's Green-White Company thanks to his Abzan Aggro deck.

Full Coverage


Top 8 Decklists

9-16 Decklists

Day Two Exemplars

Deck Tech: In Good Company

The 9-0 Decks of Grand Prix Paris 2015

Looking in on Five Video Deck Techs

Grand Prix Trial Winners' Decklists


Meet Ondřej StráskýReporter and Hall of Famer Frank Karsten sits down and gets to know Ondřej Stráský, the young Platinum player from the Czech Republic.

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, Grand Prix Atlantic City was highlighting Dragons of Tarkir Limited for the first time at a GP, and the Top 8 showcased many of the game's best, including Hall of Famer Luis Scott-Vargas, young superstar Jacob Wilson, four-time Grand Prix champion Alexander Hayne, and globetrotting Gold-level pro Christian Calcano.

At the end of the Top 8 draft and three more rounds, it was Calcano's white-black deck with Mastery of the Unseen that took home the trophy. This puts Christian Calcano at 42 Pro Points—only 1 point away from locking Platinum status at Pro Tour Magic Origins—which has, unsurprisingly, inspired the globetrotter to start looking into airline tickets for Grand Prix Buenos Aires (naturally). This victory also brings Calcano's Grand Prix trophy count up to two.

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Top 8 Decklists


Hunting Platinum and Worlds—Reporter Peter Rawlings talks to some of the pro players hunting down those last few Pro Points needed to lock up Platinum status in the Pro Tour Players Club.

Top 8 Draft Viewer—Showrunner Adam Styborski and the GP Altantic City judges put their efforts together to compile the pick order of the Top 8 competitors in their draft. You can view the draft for yourself, along with what each player picked during each step of the draft, by checking out the Top 8 Draft Viewer.

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