More RPTQ Decks, Plus Prague and Columbus

Posted in Competitive Gaming on June 9, 2016

By Mike Rosenberg

Mike Rosenberg is a writer and gamer and has been part of the Magic text coverage team since 2011. He joined Wizards as organized play’s content specialist in June 2014.

With the completion of the latest round of Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers (RPTQs) and Grand Prix Costa Rica, the vast majority of invitations to Pro Tour Eldritch Moon have now been handed out and our field is nearly set.

We've got reports from last weekend's RPTQs, along with some Top 8 decklists from last weekend's competitors for you this week. And then we look ahead to Pro Tour Kaladesh in Honolulu this October, with the Legacy Grand Prix weekend of Prague and Columbus awarding some of the first invitations to that event.

The Final RPTQs for Pro Tour Eldritch Moon

First up, here are the attendance numbers from last weekend's RPTQs.

City Attendance
Adelaide 44
Shanghai 49
Bangkok 73
Prague 85
Copenhagen 50
Stansted 93
Paris 52
Toronto 49
Montreal 50
Berkeley 44
Orlando 32
Louisville 78
Lincoln (Nebraska) 74
Nanuet 61
Madison 65

We've received a number of Top 8 decklist packages from the stores that ran events last weekend. You can find those below:

While this round of Preliminary and Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers has closed, the one for Pro Tour Kaladesh is still very much open, as Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers are going on now. Head to your local store and you may take your first step toward the Pro Tour!

Grand Prix Columbus and Prague

Are you ready for some Legacy action? Good, because thousands of Legacy aficionados will be out in force in both Prague and Columbus this weekend. While many decks and archetypes in the format remain eternal, a number of new contingencies have helped shake up the Legacy metagame, and these Grand Prix will be our first opportunity to really see what effects the last few sets have truly had.

Grand Prix Columbus will be North America's big Legacy event, and it's sure to attract some great players and exciting decks to showcase. We'll be bringing you the latest updates on the Magic website and on Twitter via @magicprotour, as reporters Corbin Hosler and Jacob Van Lunen bring you articles, decklists, photos, and more.

Grand Prix Prague will also be going on as Europe's big Legacy Grand Prix, and we'll be bringing you the latest with live video coverage, alongside articles, deck tech, and much more.

That said, we're approaching things a little bit differently. Coverage on will be starting on Saturday at 10 a.m. local time (that's 1 a.m. PT/4 a.m. ET/8 a.m. UTC).

The coverage team for Grand Prix Prague is as follows:

  • Tim Willoughby and Riley Knight (Commentary—Hosts/Play-by-Play)
  • Matej Zatlkaj and Simon Görtzen (Commentary—Experts/Color)
  • Rich Hagon, Rashad Miller, Steven Leeming, and Neil Rigby (Producers/Tech/Camera/Graphics)
  • Tobi Henke (Showrunner)
  • Olle Råde (Reporter)

Now, to discuss that earlier start time, as well as the coverage model we'll be using at Prague, I'm turning over the next few paragraphs to my boss, event coverage executive producer Greg Collins:

We will be trying out a new streaming schedule at GP Prague. The live video stream will begin at 10 a.m. Saturday, starting with a recorded Round 1 match. Live match coverage will continue with Round 2, followed by an overview of the Legacy format, what to expect from GP Prague and GP Columbus, and the key player storylines we'll be following all weekend. Starting with Round 3, each round will have live matches followed by a normal-speed "turbo camera" match from a back table, the result of which will be kept secret during the round. We'll then show feature content and have in-booth discussions for whatever time is left before the start of the next round.

ChannelFireball took this approach at Grand Prix Los Angeles and the show looked great, so we hope to build off of that success. We're looking at the Prague weekend as a bit of a beta test for this new approach—I know I speak for the GP team when I say we'll appreciate your patience as we work through any hiccups that invariably arise during what will be over 20 hours of live streaming.

Our philosophy for Grand Prix video coverage has been to provide fresh, uninterrupted content from the moment the stream starts until the show ends each night, avoiding replays or between-round countdown timers. To do that requires a significant amount of time and resources put toward creating feature content to play between rounds. For previous GPs, we had been using time during Rounds 1–3 to create that content rather than stream those rounds. Because this new approach drastically reduces the amount of feature content the GP team needs to generate on-site, we hope that we can deliver more match coverage and still showcase the most compelling between-round feature content to tell the full story of the GP weekend.

We'll re-evaluate this approach after Prague to see if it should become the standard for GPs. Certainly match coverage at Constructed GPs is more compelling than Limited GPs, so we may look for a hybrid version to use at GP Sydney.

With regards to the Prague video format, we will definitely be interested in your feedback. While we do monitor feedback and community discussion through articles and social media channels (including Reddit, which I read very regularly), you are also welcome to provide feedback to me directly on Twitter @rosenbergmike. While I can't promise to respond to everyone, I do read and observe a ton, and tweeting at me directly is a good way to ensure that your voices are heard.

Be sure to tune in this weekend to catch the latest from Prague, and I look forward to hearing more from you following the event!

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