Post-Kaladesh Premier Play

Posted in Competitive Gaming on September 22, 2016

By Mike Rosenberg

Mike Rosenberg is a writer and gamer and has been part of the Magic text coverage team since 2011. He joined Wizards as organized play’s content specialist in June 2014.

With Kaladesh Prereleases this weekend, it's almost time to start cracking some new booster packs to explore the world of Kaladesh Limited and the puzzle that is post-Kaladesh Standard.

With the official release of Kaladesh next Friday, the Standard Constructed format will go through a rotation, as Dragons of Tarkir and Magic Origins leave the format, and Kaladesh comes in. The new set also means a brand new Limited format, as the plane of madness, gothic horror, and many zombies shifts to a world of invention, bright colors, and lots and lots of cool combos and synergies.

Let's start off with what October will bring, and then look ahead to November.

October Premier Play

The month of October kicks off with two Kaladesh Limited Grand Prix in London and Atlanta October 7–9. It's also the kickoff of a whopping seven weekends of live Magic video coverage, featuring live video at one event every weekend, starting with Atlanta and continuing all the way until the 2016 World Magic Cup.

The main event playmat for Grand Prix Atlanta or Grand Prix London features art from the Torch of Defiance Magic Story. Details on how to receive these playmats can be found on the tournament organizer's Grand Prix web sites.

London and Atlanta will also be our first look into the competitive side of Kaladesh Limited. What pools are players looking to open? What sorts of draft strategies will spark the creativity of players at the Day Two draft tables? We'll bring you the latest analysis through our writer-reporters in London, and we will follow a little closer in Grand Prix Atlanta with live video coverage. The full team for this weekend is below:

Video Producer: Rich Hagon
Video Director: Rashad Miller
Camera and Graphics: BJ Ogden, Steven Leeming
Play-by-Play Commentators: Tim Willoughby, Maria Bartholdi
Color Commentators: Marshall Sutcliffe, Frank Karsten
Writer-Reporters: Marc Calderaro and Meghan Wolff (Atlanta), Tobi Henke and Craig Jones (London)

Following the Grand Prix debut of the new set is Pro Tour Kaladesh in Honolulu, Hawaii October 14–16. This will be the Standard proving grounds for all of the new cards, as well as a refinement of the Booster Draft environment. What strategies and combos will rise to the top of the tables at the end of this three-day tournament with $250,000 on the line for top finishers?

We'll be bringing you everything from Honolulu all three days on, along with updates on social media, articles, decklists, and a whole lot more. The full team is:

Play-by-Play Commentators: Marshall Sutcliffe, Tim Willoughby, Gaby Spartz
Color Commentators: Luis Scott-Vargas and Ian Duke
News Desk: Rich Hagon and Brian David-Marshall
Feature Match Floor Reporters: Tim Willoughby, and Gaby Spartz
Feature Match Spotter: Neil Rigby, Rashad Miller
Writer-Reporters: Corbin Hosler, Adam Styborski, and Melissa DeTora
Content Managers/Editors: Blake Rasmussen and Mike Rosenberg
Social Media: Trick Jarrett and Nate Price
Executive Producer: Greg Collins

Next up is the weekend of Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur and Grand Prix Providence October 21–23, featuring Standard Constructed main events. Players who compete in the Kuala Lumpur and Providence main events get an event-exclusive playmat featuring the artwork from Skysovereign, Consul Flagship.

Grand Prix Providence will also have live video coverage on The full team for this weekend is just about finalized, and we'll share with you before we get to this weekend!

October 21–23 will also feature Europe's very own Eternal Weekend, hosted by Bazaar of Moxen in Paris, France. Eternal Weekend features both the Legacy Championship and Vintage Championship, two large-scale showcases of the two Eternal Constructed formats where some of Magic's most powerful cards are put on display.

All players who compete in the European Legacy Championship receive a playmat featuring art from Eldrazi Temple, and all players who compete in the European Vintage Championship receive a playmat featuring art from Dack Fayden.

Bazaar of Moxen will also be producing live video coverage of this event. We'll have more details on when and where you can tune in as we get closer to Europe's Eternal Weekend!

The last weekend of October, consisting of October 28–30, will feature a Grand Prix double-header along with North America's Eternal Weekend.

On the Grand Prix front, players in Europe and Latin America will tackle the post-Pro Tour Kaladesh world of Standard Constructed with events in Warsaw and Santiago. Players who compete in this main events receive a playmat featuring the art from Rashmi, Eternities Crafter.

While our writer-reporter brings us the latest from Chile, we will have a live video broadcast crew bringing you every round of action from Grand Prix Warsaw. The full team will be coming in a later article.

Meanwhile, North America's Eternal Weekend will take place across four days, October 27–30, in Columbus, Ohio and will be hosted by Card Titan. Unlike previous years, North America's Eternal Weekend is being divided up as such:

Thursday, October 27: Side Events (Schedule TBD)
Friday, October 28: The Vintage Championship Swiss rounds
Saturday, October 29: The Legacy Championship Swiss rounds
Sunday, October 30: Vintage and Legacy Championship Top 8

All players who participate in the North American Vintage Championship will receive a playmat featuring the art of Jace, the Mind Sculptor. Players who participate in the Legacy Championship will receive a playmat featuring the art from Rishadan Port.

Premier Play in November

The month of November starts off with some Modern fun at Grand Prix Dallas November 4–6. Players who compete in the main event for this one receive a playmat featuring the artwork from Mox Opal, the Masterpiece Series edition. Shiny!

While our writer-reporters bring you the latest stories and some sweet, sweet post-Kaladesh Modern decklists, the ChannelFireball video team will be bringing you live video coverage on for those wanting to catch every round of action.

Next up after that is Grand Prix Rotterdam November 11–13, featuring some Team Limited right before the 2016 World Magic Cup. Players who compete in this main event receive one of these three playmats, with one of each going to each team that registers.

It would be little surprise if we see a ton of national teams there getting in some Limited reps before the big event. And you'll be able to follow along on with live video!

The same, of course, can be said for the 2016 World Magic Cup, which also takes place in Rotterdam November 18–20. Always a blast to cover. As we witness the action unfold in the feature match area, the World Magic Cup ignites some of the year's most exciting moments. You'll be able to watch all three days of the tournament on, with full coverage teams being revealed later next month.

November wraps up with Grand Prix Chiba, at Legacy main event taking place November 25–27. While pre-registration has already opened and closed (with a chance that some seats may open up closer to the event), all main event competitors will receive this playmat featuring the Masterpiece Series artwork from Crucible of Worlds.

Coverage globetrotter Chapman Sim will be on-hand with the Japanese coverage team to bring you the latest from Chiba. While we will not have English video coverage, the Nico Nico team will be hard at work bringing the latest round-by-round content in Japanese to all viewers on that platform.

We've got an exciting two months ahead of you, and we'll revisit the November (along with December) as we get closer to that month!

World Magic Cup Qualifier Modern Decklists

Finally, this week, the 2016 World Magic Cup now features 73 countries with completed teams. Last weekend's World Magic Cup Qualifiers gave winners a chance to represent their country on one of Magic's most exciting stages for a shot at winning a share of $250,000 with their country's team.

The team list can be found on this page, and we have a sampling of Top 8 Modern decklists from last weekend's events that you will find below:

United States

Congratulations to the winners of last weekend's WMCQ winners, and we'll see you in Rotterdam at the World Magic Cup in November!

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