Pro Tour Aether Revolt Hype

Posted in Competitive Gaming on January 19, 2017

By Mike Rosenberg

Mike Rosenberg is a writer and gamer and has been part of the Magic text coverage team since 2011. He joined Wizards as organized play’s content specialist in June 2014.

Aether Revolt officially comes out tomorrow. The Pro Tour begins in roughly two weeks. A new Standard is about to be put under the spotlights. Team Series competitors will be out in force, with more than 25 teams representing in the season of this program's soft launch.

Needless to say, I'm pretty hyped for the next few weeks and especially so for what the Pro Tour will be bringing.

Pro Tour Aether Revolt Coverage Trilogy

Get ready for three week of Pro Tour formats, as we'll be headed into three big weekends of Magic tournament coverage on!

January 27–29: Grand Prix Prague and San Jose
Live Video from: Grand Prix Prague (
Start Times: Saturday, January 28 (2 a.m. PT/10 a.m. UTC), and Sunday, January 29 (1 a.m. PT/9 a.m. UTC)
Video Producer: Rich Hagon
Video Director: Rashad Miller
Camera and Graphics: Neil Rigby and Steven Leeming
Play-by-Play Commentators: Riley Knight and Tim Willoughby
Color Commentators: Simon Görtzen and Matej Zatlkaj
Writer-Reporters: Tobi Henke and Frank Karsten (Prague), Marc Calderaro (San Jose)

Things kick off next weekend with live video coverage during the weekend of Grand Prix Prague and San Jose, with live video team providing you the latest from the Czech Republic. Here's all the nitty gritty for your planning pleasure

This event features your first look at Aether Revolt Limited and a preview of what to expect during the Draft rounds of the Pro Tour. Don't miss it!

February 3–5: Pro Tour Aether Revolt (
Start Times: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (February 3–5) at 1 a.m. PT/9 a.m. UTC
Play-by-Play Commentators: Marshall Sutcliffe, Tim Willoughby, and Gaby Spartz
Color Commentators: Luis Scott-Vargas and Ian Duke
News Desk: Rich Hagon and Brian David-Marshall
Feature Match Floor Reporters: Tim Willoughby and Gaby Spartz
Feature Match Spotter: Matej Zatlkaj and Rashad Miller
Writer-Reporters: Meghan Wolff and Tobi Henke
Content Managers/Editors: Blake Rasmussen and Mike Rosenberg
Social Media: Nate Price
Executive Producer: Greg Collins

Pro Tour Aether Revolt marks the soft launch of the Pro Tour Team Series and will also be your first look at a brand new Standard Constructed format as well as a deeper dive into drafting with Aether Revolt. With a pro-packed event and some great talent at the news desk and in the booth, this is not an event you'll want to miss!

February 10–12: Grand Prix Pittsburgh
Live Video from: Grand Prix Pittsburgh (
Start Times: Saturday, February 11 (2 a.m. PT/10 a.m. UTC), and Sunday, February 12 (1 a.m. PT/9 a.m. UTC)
Video Producer: Rich Hagon
Video Director: Rashad Miller
Camera and Graphics: BJ Ogden and Maria Bartholdi
Play-by-Play Commentators: Marshall Sutcliffe and Brian David-Marshall
Color Commentators: Jacob Van Lunen and Paul Cheon
Writer-Reporters: Marc Calderaro and Corbin Hosler

The focus on Standard continues at Grand Prix Pittsburgh, with a keen interest in how it has evolved after the Pro Tour. What strategies will top players gravitate toward in the aftermath of the Pro Tour? Our coverage team will be bringing you the very latest from Pittsburgh, starting with a recording of Round 1, then round-by-round live video of the tournament.

Pittsburgh will also be the official Magic coverage debut of Paul "HAUMPH" Cheon! Welcome to the team, Paul! Three cheers for Paul!




Pro Tour Aether Revolt Merch

The merch booth at Pro Tour Aether Revolt will feature many favorites, including the Torch of Defiance gear and the Kaladeshi Planeswalker logo shirt from Pro Tour Kaladesh.

In addition to that, the Pro Tour will also have an event-exclusive playmat. This one features the combo of real world and fantasy with the Dublin, Ireland, skyline and Tezzeret.

These are available in limited quantities on a first-come, first-serve basis for anyone who is at the Pro Tour venue. These tend to be very popular, and the merch booth runs out of them early in the weekend, so if you really want this playmat, I'd strongly advise picking yours up on Thursday, February 2, during the registration hours of the Pro Tour.

On top of this, the merch booth is likely to have a cool new surprise or two that are not quite ready to be shown off just yet. Keep your eyes peeled on social media during the week of the Pro Tour and on this column the week after the Pro Tour for more info!

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