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Posted in Competitive Gaming on June 26, 2015

By Mike Rosenberg

Mike Rosenberg is a writer and gamer and has been part of the Magic text coverage team since 2011. He joined Wizards as organized play’s content specialist in June 2014.

We're in the final few weeks before Magic Origins kicks into action, and as we close out events with Dragons of Tarkir, we look ahead at what's to come. First up:

Regional PTQs—First Wave

The first wave of Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers (RPTQs) tied to qualifying for Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar takes place tomorrow in North America, Europe, and Japan. The remaining RPTQs take place the following Saturday.

Last week, we teased that some of the sweet stuff that you will (or can) get at a Regional Pro Tour Qualifier. As Kytheon's Irregulars has been revealed, courtesy of SvenskaMagic, we are excited to reveal that the art from this Magic Origins card is featured on both the deck box and the playmat for this round!

Everyone who participates in a Regional Pro Tour Qualifier this round receives an event-exclusive deck box featuring the art from Kytheon's Irregulars (while supplies last).

The Top 16 finishers at Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers taking place this round receive an event-exclusive playmat featuring the art from Kytheon's Irregulars (while supplies last).

And of course, everyone who competes in an RPTQ will receive this spicy little Modern number:

Liliana of the Veil is this year's Regional Pro Tour Qualifier participation promo.

Want one of these Liliana promos? Want a chance to compete in the Pro Tour feature match area among the world's best? Then earn your qualification for the next round of Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers by winning a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier (PPTQ) at a local store near you!

Upcoming Grand Prix

While APAC and Latin America might not have any Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers in their region until next weekend, they do have two Grand Prix going on, which award invitations to Pro Tour Battle for Zendikar.

Grand Prix Singapore's main event is a two-day Modern bonanza that is sure to bring out Asia's Modern aficionados to show off what they've got.

Meanwhile, Buenos Aires will be playing host to Latin America's Grand Prix for this weekend. The format for the main event is Standard.

You'll be able to catch text coverage of both shows through this weekend. While Chapman Sim and Ray Walkinshaw bring you the latest from Grand Prix Singapore, Marc Calderaro and Jacob Van Lunen will be bringing you all the best stories from Argentina's Grand Prix.

Viewing Guide

This weekend features a relatively light schedule, but the days after highlight a big season finale along with a big season premiere.

Magic Twitch Channel

Tuesday, June 30

6 p.m. PT/9 p.m. ET/1 a.m. UTC—Standard Super League

Spellslingers on Geek and Sundry

Wednesday, July 1

Spellslingers Season Premiere

SCGLive Twitch Channel

Saturday, June 27

7:30 a.m. PT/10:30 a.m. ET/2:30 p.m. UTC—SCG Open Baltimore

Sunday, June 28

6 a.m. PT/9 a.m. ET/1 p.m. UTC—SCG Open Baltimore

MTGRich Twitch Channel

Wednesday, July 1

8 a.m. PT/11 a.m. ET/3 p.m. UTC—Downtime

The Standard Super League season finale takes place on Tuesday, June 30, and features Josh Utter-Leyton as he squares off against first-seed Owen Turtenwald in a best-three-out-of-five-matches final! The format is Unified Standard, meaning that only a maximum of four copies of each non-basic-land card can be used across each of the three different decks that the players bring to this final bout!

Who will win the title of Standard Super League Champion? Join hosts Randy Buehler and Luis Scott-Vargas as they bring you all the action in the finale on the Magic Twitch Channel starting Tuesday, June 30 at 6 p.m. PT/9 p.m. ET/1 a.m. UTC!

Rejoice, spellslingers! Season 3 of the popular web series by the same name—hosted by Sean "Day[9]" Plott—is coming, and you can catch the trailer below!

The exciting season premiere of Spellslingers takes place on Wednesday, July 1, so look for it!

The Open Series makes a stop in Baltimore this weekend, where you can watch two days of Standard action! Join Patrick Sullivan and Cedric Phillips as they bring you live coverage of the tournament, starting Saturday at 7:30 a.m. PT/10:30 a.m. ET/2:30 p.m. UTC on the SCGLive Twitch Channel. Coverage of Day Two begins Sunday at 6 a.m. PT/9 a.m. ET/1 p.m. UTC.

And of course, don't miss Downtime, the talk-and-games-and-more show starring Pro Tour host Rich Hagon, every Wednesday at 8 a.m. PT/11 a.m. ET/3 p.m. UTC on the MTGRich Twitch Channel!

The Flashback

Last weekend featured two different Constructed formats across two GPs in Europe and North America.

In Copenhagen, 1,345 Modern fans from Europe and even a few Professional Point chasers from North America traveled to Denmark to compete in GP Copenhagen's two-day Modern main event. After a cut to a Top 8 that showcased seven different archetypes, it was Merfolk that reigned supreme as Przemek Knocinski took home the trophy.

Full Coverage


Top 8 Decklists

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Archetype Exemplar Decklists

The 9-0 Decklists of the Grand Prix

Looking in on Seven Video Deck Techs

Deck Tech: Fabrizio Anteri's Suicide Zoo

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Kolaghan's Command Spotlight: What's the Play—Reporter and Hall of Famer Frank Karsten presents a board state, multiple options with Kolaghan's Command, and a question: What's the play?

Introducing Thomas Pedersen—Reporter Frank Karsten talked to young Thomas Pedersen, who found himself near the top of the standings throughout most of Day Two.

While players were battling Modern in Copenhagen, 1,053 players made the trek to Providence, Rhode Island, to compete in a two-day Standard Constructed main event. Grand Prix Providence featured some close finishes for players chasing Pro Points and seats in the World Championship, with Sky Mason ultimately achieving victory and claiming the title of Grand Prix Providence champion.

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Top 8 Decklists

Top Decklists

Day 1 Undefeated Decklists

Under the Radar with Ojutai

Deck Tech: Ojutai Jeskai with Patrick Dickmann

Choosing and Tuning a Standard Deck


Chasing Worlds with Pascal Maynard—Reporter Peter Rawlings talks to Pascal Maynard on his quest for a World Championship invitation.

Rubin for Worlds—Speaking of the World Championship, reporter Adam Styborski got a chance to learn a bit more about Steve Rubin, who has been quietly amassing Pro Points at Pro Tours and has already locked Platinum status, about his quest for the World Championship.

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