RPTQ Decklists and GP Houston

Posted in Competitive Gaming on February 25, 2016

By Mike Rosenberg

Mike Rosenberg is a writer and gamer and has been part of the Magic text coverage team since 2011. He joined Wizards as organized play’s content specialist in June 2014.

It’s all about Standard Constructed in this week’s Organized Play! We've got over a dozen sets of Top 8 decklists for you from last weekend's Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers, along with some details of this weekend's Standard Constructed Grand Prix in Houston. Are you ready?

Regional Pro Tour Qualifier Decklists

Last weekend, 20 Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers (RPTQs) took place throughout the world, and the very first Magic Online RPTQ gave players a chance to qualify no matter their location. The attendance for each RPTQ from last weekend's round were as follows:

City, State/Province Country Attendance
Spring Hill Australia 44
Beijing China 42
Singapore Singapore 76
Paris France 71
Berlin Germany 72
Desio Italy 178
Warsaw Poland 50
Osaka Japan 72
Tokyo Japan 76
Sao Paulo Brazil 65
Santiago Chile 33
Mexico City Mexico 36
Toronto, ON Canada 58
Santa Clara, CA United States 51
Jacksonville, FL United States 56
Cambridge, MA United States 52
St Charles, MO United States 46
Lincoln, NE United States 24
Knoxville, TN United States 63
Plano, TX United States 70
Magic Online N/A 75

We have nineteen sets of Top 8 decklists to share with you as well! Those are available below:

Editor's Note: This article now contains the Regional Pro Tour Qualifier decklists that were published in the March 3 Organized Play article. 

That's a lot of Standard decks to go through. Go ahead and have at it, and then once you're done, get hyped for...

Grand Prix Houston

Grand Prix Houston is almost here, in all of its post-Oath of the Gatewatch Standard glory. The two-day main event will feature over 1,000 players all playing for their share of a $50,000 prize pool, Pro Points, Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad invitations, and glory.

Just a few weekends ago, we saw many of the new Eldrazi from Oath of the Gatewatch tear through the Pro Tour's Modern format. What sorts of ripples will they send through Standard? And what of Four-Color Rally, the unmistakable titan of the Standard format? Oath brought with it some spicy new upgrades, making it one of the top decks to watch out for.

Standard is about way more than just those two decks, however. We'll be seeing a mix of Collected Company, Become Immense, Crackling Doom, Siege Rhino, and a whole lot more, with some brand new tools as players take their best strategies and put them to the test.

Not able to make it to Grand Prix Houston? We'll be providing live video coverage, articles, and more throughout the weekend from the tournament floor. You can catch the broadcast on twitch.tv/magic starting Saturday at 1 p.m. local time (CT)/11 a.m. PT/2 p.m. ET/7 p.m. UTC!

Join Marshall Sutcliffe, Luis Scott-Vargas, Gaby Spartz (in her official Magic coverage debut!), and Brian David-Marshall in the booth and on the sidelines for the latest feature matches, stories, deck techs, interviews, and more goodness on both Saturday and Sunday. Behind the scenes, producer Rich Hagon, along with Rashad Miller, Steven Leeming, and Maria Bartholdi, will be keeping the broadcast going all day and night.

On text coverage, get the latest decklists, articles, and stories from showrunner Marc Calderaro along with Meghan Wolff of Magic the Amateuring fame in her written coverage debut!

You can catch all the latest from Grand Prix Houston this weekend on the coverage page, so bookmark that page and check back for standings, live video, and articles.

Grand Prix Houston is sure to be an exciting event to watch and to play in. Best of luck to those attending, and see you in the Twitch chat this weekend to those planning to watch!

January 2016 Player of the Month: Reid Duke

Last week I called for support behind either of the two players who won their fourth Grand Prix titles in January (Team Reid for Grand Prix Oakland, Team Fabrizio for Grand Prix Mexico City), and there was support drummed up for both players.

However, in the span of 24 hours, one of the two got a bit more discussion. Along with this tweet from Community Cup competitor Erin Campbell:

Yes, those tokens are numbered based on how many Reid has signed.


Congratulations to Reid Duke on becoming January's Player of the Month, with a nod to Fabrizio Anteri for his success as well. Both players are among the top pros this season, and it'll be an exciting couple of months to see the two sprint towards Platinum and potential 2016 World Championship invitations.

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