Second Quarter Grand Prix Goodies

Posted in Competitive Gaming on March 24, 2016

By Mike Rosenberg

Mike Rosenberg is a writer and gamer and has been part of the Magic text coverage team since 2011. He joined Wizards as organized play’s content specialist in June 2014.

Have you all been enjoying the Shadows over Innistrad previews so far? Good, because the Grand Prix of April, May, and June are packed with plenty of Innistrad-themed goodness, and I'm here today to show you all the sweet stuff you have an opportunity to get if you attend any of the upcoming Grand Prix in the next three months!

New Seasonal T-Shirt

First up is this. Every season, a new T-shirt becomes available at Grand Prix worldwide, most often through redemption of tickets at the Prize Wall, but sometimes through other avenues and other opportunities. These shirts feature spiffy artwork themed around the set, including hallmarks such as "Heavy Metal Ulamog" and "Rock On, Kozilek." (Names obviously not official, but fitting since both shirt designs are very metal.)

These shirts have been a mainstay at Grand Prix since last year with Ugin and Fate Reforged, and they make a great souvenir of your time at a Grand Prix. The seasonal shirt that you'll find at GPs in April, May, and June features none other than the good-gone-maniacal Angel herself, Avacyn.

Oh, Avacyn. You've changed so much in the last few years.

April GPs

Two weeks ago, I showed you the playmat design that would be shared across all three of the Shadows over Innistrad debut Grand Prix of Beijing, Barcelona, and Albuquerque. Declaration in Stone was just the beginning. Starting with this set, Grand Prix playmats will use one key piece of art across all Grand Prix taking place that weekend. Beyond that, much of the card art used will be themed around the pivotal story moments from the most recently released set.

In this case, Shadows over Innistrad kicks off the "story through playmart art" model with Declaration in Stone, a look into the vengeful and terrifying work of a very, very angry lithomancer.

Toronto carries the theme into another story moment, where Avacyn...well, paints the town red, in a way. All players who register for the Grand Prix Toronto main event receive this specialty.

It's a remarkable and twisted piece from Johannes Voss, embodied through the latest reprint of Fiery Temper.

For more information on GP Toronto, head on over to the GP website.

May GPs

The month of May features six Grand Prix spanning North America, Europe, and Asia, kicking off with a double Grand Prix weekend with GP Tokyo and GP New York May 6–8.

All players who register for the Grand Prix Tokyo or New York main events will receive a playmat featuring Jace deciphering some clues out of the cryptoliths.

The art is from Magali Villeneuve, and can be found on the Shadows over Innistrad card Pieces of the Puzzle.

Full information on Grand Prix Tokyo, including registration info, can be found at Hobby Station's GP website.

Likewise, full info on Grand Prix New York can be found at ChannelFireball's GP website. Their early bird preregistration special ends on April 6, so if you're planning to go and want to save yourself $15 off the general registration price, secure your seat now.

Grand Prix madness begins two weeks later with a weekend of Modern excitement May 20–22, as ChannelFireball and play host to Grand Prix Los Angeles and Grand Prix Charlotte, respectively.

Players who register for the main events in Los Angeles or Charlotte will receive a very Jace-y playmat, this time with the blue Planeswalker deciphering the contents of Tamiyo's journal.

Folks who picked up Duel Decks: Blessed vs. Cursed may recognize the card as Pore Over the Pages, featuring another art piece from Magali Villeneuve.

Full information on Grand Prix Los Angeles can be found over on the ChannelFireball GP website.

Full info on Grand Prix Charlotte can be found over on the GP website.

The month of May closes with Grand Prix Manchester and Grand Prix Minneapolis May 27–29. Players who register for either of these events will receive a playmat featuring a pretty pivotal moment from the upcoming set. When Jace meets a very mad Angel, what happens?

The card, Avacyn's Judgment, features artwork from Victor Adame Minguez.

Full information on GP Manchester and Minneapolis can be found on the Mindsports Academy GP website and the Pastimes GP website, respectively.

June GPs

The month of June features five Grand Prix across three regions and the best Standard and Legacy action you could ask for.

Things kick off June 3–5 with Grand Prix Costa Rica. All players who register for this main event will receive a playmat featuring the artwork from Neck Breaker, a piece by Victor Adame Minguez.

GP Costa Rica has a main event maximum capacity of 500 players, so if you're thinking of traveling to this GP, I strongly encourage you to preregister now at Playcon's GP website.

Following that weekend are two Grand Prix filled with Legacy fun, as Grand Prix Prague and Grand Prix Columbus play host to what will likely be thousands of Legacy players worldwide.

The official Grand Prix playmat for both Prague and Columbus features art from a card not from Shadows over Innistrad, but from the original beloved set. That art belongs to Geist of Saint Traft, a classic with artwork from Igor Kieryluk.

Initial info for these events can be found on the GP Prague and GP Columbus Fact Sheets.

And finally, June closes out this quarter of GPs with events in Taipei and Pittsburgh. The official Grand Prix playmat for these two Standard main event GPs features Tyler Jacobson's artwork for Descend upon the Sinful.

Full info on GP Taipei and GP Pittsburgh is coming soon. Be sure to check out our Premier Event schedule regularly to see all of the latest opportunities to participate in Premier Play that are coming up!

This Week's Magic Online PTQs

This Sunday's Magic Online Pro Tour Qualifier (PTQ) Finals is Battle for Zendikar/Oath of the Gatewatch limited with a Modern Filans on Saturday, and Preliminaries that award the token you need for this weekend (or a future Constructed PTQ Finals) start up again today at 8:30 a.m. PT/3:30 p.m. UTC. Additional Preliminaries take place at 2:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. PT.

Tomorrow provides your largest number of opportunities to play in a Preliminary, with six events starting at 1:30 a.m. PT/8:30 a.m. UTC. Saturday and Sunday still give you two opportunities on each day, starting at 2:30 p.m. PT both days, but Friday is your day if you want to play in Sunday's Finals event.

Magic Online Pro Tour Qualifier Finals events award winners an invitation to Pro Tour Eldritch Moon as well as that Pro Tour's Sunday Challenge event. Full information on Magic Online Pro Tour Qualifiers can be found over on the MTGO PTQ event info page.

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