Vegas, Utrecht, and Modern Masters Weekend

Posted in Competitive Gaming on March 11, 2015

By Mike Rosenberg

Mike Rosenberg is a writer and gamer and has been part of the Magic text coverage team since 2011. He joined Wizards as organized play’s content specialist in June 2014.

In 2013, Grand Prix Las Vegas—featuring Modern Masters Limited as the main event format—set a new precedent for Grand Prix. It was the first of its kind; 4,492 players all participating in a unique Grand Prix format; the first time the Magic Grand Prix had be hosted in Las Vegas since 2001; and a collection of the best players, attractions, artists, and so much more. It was the first Grand Prix where the main event felt like it was the supporting actor to the three days as a whole; players traveling from far and wide, new and old, all participating in one momentous celebration of Magic and the community.

So when it came time to finalizing the Grand Prix schedule for 2015, there was no question that we'd be returning to Las Vegas after the release of Modern Masters 2015 Edition.

But we didn't want to simply repeat the good. We wanted to make Magic history.

And with those three words—Make Magic History—Modern Masters Weekend was born.

Three Grand Prix, three different continents, one spectacular weekend. Modern Masters Weekend will be one of Magic's most electric celebrations, a global moment where players from all across the world partake in a celebration on what makes Magic and its community truly awesome.

And we want you to be a part of it.

Grand Prix Las Vegas

When tournament organizer ChannelFireball launched their Grand Prix Las Vegas web site and opened preregistration, players were excited to lock in their seat in big event. As of last week, 2,125 players have already preregistered for a Grand Prix experience that is sure to be epic, and that number came in twelve weeks before the GP Vegas main event even begins!

As the event with the largest number of main event seats, ChannelFireball is going all-out in celebrating preregistration milestones with Registration Rewards. preregistration milestones are set at every 100 preregistered players, and once that number has been reached, a reward will be given to one lucky preregistered player.

What are some of these rewards? Well, at 3,000 players, one preregistered player will receive a copy of Mox Ruby from Unlimited, for starters, and that's just at 30% of this event's maximum capacity. If Grand Prix Las Vegas sells out, then one lucky preregistered player will receive the godfather of all Magic cards: an Unlimited Black Lotus!

ChannelFireball is also pulling out all the stops to make this Grand Prix one of the most memorable in Magic history. Every day since the March began, they have been revealing an artist who is scheduled to appear at Grand Prix Las Vegas in what is sure to be one of the most incredible line-ups of Magic art talent  the world has seen in a long time…if ever. You can see the full list of artists scheduled to appear at GP Las Vegas here. Each artist has a profile page if you'd like to learn more about them as well.

The other thing about Grand Prix Las Vegas: when the main event hits 5,001 preregistered players, the main event will be split into two big tournaments. That's two events with a minimum $54,000 prize purse. If preregistration reaches 10,000 players, then that means two main events of 5,000 players with prize payouts totaling $70,000 for each tournament. That's a potential grand total of $140,000 in prize payouts, a boat load of Pro Points, and one very historic weekend!

With Grand Prix Las Vegas now over 20% full, and with well over two months remaining before the big event, now's the time for you to preregister. If you're planning on going, head on over to their page and sign up! The doors for this four-day Grand Prix open on May 28, so show up early, participate in some side events, meet the many artists scheduled to attend, and enjoy your stay in Vegas before the main event begins on May 30!

Grand Prix Utrecht

Of course, Las Vegas is far from the only Grand Prix taking place during Modern Masters Weekend. This weekend is a global celebration of Modern Masters 2015 Edition, contemporary Magic, and its community. And that means Magic's worldwide community. On the other side of the Atlantic, TournamentCenter.EU is hosting Grand Prix Utrecht, a four-day extravaganza with enough Modern Masters 2015 Edition excitement to make this one of Europe's most memorable Magic celebrations.

The maximum capacity for Grand Prix Utrecht's main event, which starts May 30, is 5,000 players. As of yesterday morning, 1,358 players have already preregistered with more than two months to go before the event even takes place!

Side events and the Artist Village will be open to players on Thursday, May 28, and the first wave of Last-Chance Trials—featuring Modern Masters 2015 Edition Sealed Deck—will start at midnight! After the midnight premiere, players will have additional opportunities to play in Modern Masters 2015 Edition Limited Last-Chance Trials starting Friday, May 29 at 8 a.m. The midnight Trial competitors, as well as the morning competitors, will get a discount on the regular Modern Masters 2015 Edition price, so show up early and save!

TournamentCenter.EU will also be hosting a registration rewards promotion, similar to that of Grand Prix Las Vegas. Look for more information on this promotion in the next few weeks.

With the main event nearly 30% sold out, don't wait on preregistering. You can find the latest information in English, German, French, and Italian as well as preregistration deals on the TournamentCenter.EU web site.

Tarmogoyf | Art by Ryan Barger

Grand Prix Chiba

Rounding out Modern Masters Weekend is Grand Prix Chiba, a three-day celebration hosted by Hareruya. Japan's Magic community is one of the most passionate and unique, and Chiba is sure to be one of the most unique Grand Prix to ever be held.

preregistration for Chiba is coming soon, and we'll have more information on this event in the coming weeks.

Modern Masters Weekend is going to be one of the game's biggest moments. Don't miss out on being a part of Magic history.

The Flashback

Last weekend featured two GPs: one Limited in England, the other Standard and on the East Coast of the United States.

Let's start with Grand Prix Liverpool. As ChannelFireball's first European Grand Prix, there were plenty of CFB's celebrities and pro line-up who made the trek to Liverpool for some Fate Reforged/Khans of Tarkir Limited. Appearances from Hall of Famer Luis "Sure Wish I Opened a Citadel Siege" Scott-Vargas and company aside, the main event brought in 1,772 players from multiple continents.

In the end, Martin Dang of Denmark followed up his success in the Magic Online Championship Series—he is competing in the Magic Online Championship this May in Seattle—with a Grand Prix victory, as he starts off his 2015 year in Magic strong.

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Talking Dragons with Frank Karsten—Reporter Tobi Henke discusses the Limited highlights of Dragons of Tarkir previews with Hall of Famer Frank Karsten.

An American TO in Liverpool—Reporter Craig Jones talks to Mashi Scanlan, one of ChannelFireball's tournament managers, about what the expectations and the results were like venturing across the Atlantic for the North American tournament organizer's first European adventure.


Top 8 Draft Decks

Meanwhile, StarCityGames played host to Grand Prix Miami, a main event which showcased a Standard format that has continued to evolve week after week. The big story out of this weekend was Green-White Devotion, a brand new archetype spurred off Samuel Black's appreciation for the power of Mastery of the Unseen.

Sure enough, it was two Green-White Devotion decks that met in the finals, with Daniel Cecchetti dispatching Corey Baumeister in two games and one of the longest Grand Prix finals to ever be caught on camera.

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A Horse of a Different Color—Reporter Peter Rawlings talks to Craig Wescoe about his own Abzan-fueled take on Mastery of the Unseen. (Decklist included!)

Unseen Potential with Sam Black—I talked to Samuel Black about how he went from Red-White Aggro with some sideboarded Mastery of the Unseens to the beast of a deck that he, his friends, and the Roanoke team ended up on. (Decklist included!)


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