WMCQ Decks and Eldritch Moon Goodness

Posted in Competitive Gaming on July 14, 2016

By Mike Rosenberg

Mike Rosenberg is a writer and gamer and has been part of the Magic text coverage team since 2011. He joined Wizards as organized play’s content specialist in June 2014.

After a two-week hiatus for Eldritch Moon previews, Organized Play is back and packed with all sorts of great stuff this week. Up first is a collection of Top 8 Modern decklists from last weekend's World Magic Cup Qualifiers (WMCQs), and then a smattering of sweet stuff you'll find at upcoming Grand Prix, the next round of Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers, and the Pro Tour!

July WMCQ Decklists

Last weekend, the second round of 2016's World Magic Cup Qualifiers took place, securing the second member of each country's team in this year's World Magic Cup.

You can see the roster for each country's team, updated with last weekend's results, on the 2016 World Magic Cup Invitation List. Congratulations to last weekend's winners!

We have some Top 8 decklists from a selection of countries that showcase last weekend's Modern format. You can find those Top 8 decklists by country below.

We'll have another round of World Magic Cup roster updates after Pro Tour Eldritch Moon when each country's National Champion is verified and locked at the end of the 2015–16 premier play season. After that, there will be one more round of WMCQs to go until each country has a complete team of four players. That last event takes place September 17–18, and the format will feature Modern with an Eldritch Moon refresh!

Grand Prix Season—Eldritch Moon Edition

The next quarter of Grand Prix has already kicked off in early June, as players from Grand Prix Columbus and Grand Prix Prague were among the first to start earning invitations to Pro Tour Kaladesh in Honolulu, Hawaii, October 14–16, 2016.

Here is a list of the remaining Grand Prix (many of them!) that feed into Pro Tour Kaladesh for anyone who finishes with a 13-2 or better (or Top 8) record in the main event. Playmats for each Grand Prix can also be found below.

July 29–31 Grand Prix:

August 12–14 Grand Prix:

August 26–28 Grand Prix:

Then, once we enter the month of September, Grand Prix will begin qualifying players for Pro Tour Æther Revolt, which takes place in Dublin, Ireland, February 3–5, 2017. September features two team GPs in Kyoto and Louisville September 9–11, with three different playmats that you can get at either.

Interested in obtaining one of the above playmats or playing in an upcoming Grand Prix? Check with your tournament organizer for how to get one—and while you're at it, be sure to pre-register for the GPs that you are interested in. Grand Prix main events may sell out, so pre-registering is the way to ensure your seat in the big tournament is secured!

Oh, and there's one thing I almost forgot about. Most Grand Prix will have a prize wall, and the side events taking place that weekend will award tickets that you can redeem at the prize wall for cool stuff. Grand Prix typically have a T-shirt that you can get from the prize wall that features some amazing artwork tied to the new set. For Eldritch Moon, the spotlight is on the titanic corrupter herself, Emrakul.

Pro Tour Eldritch Moon Goodies

Pro Tour Eldritch Moon starts in three weeks, and there's a lot on the line for competitors! It's the last premier event of the 2015–16 premier play season, meaning that by the end of the Pro Tour, we'll know the following:

  • All 24 competitors in the 2016 World Championship
  • All 73 National Champions for the countries competing in the 2016 World Magic Cup
  • All Pro Tour Players Club levels for players chasing status for the next season
  • Who won the Pro Tour (kind of obvious, but hey, $40,000, Pro Club statuses, and more to the winner, so it's important to call out!)

Needless to say, many big story beats will emerge from Pro Tour Eldritch Moon, but we also have some sweet goodies emerging from this event as well. The merch shop that will be at the Pro Tour venue in Sydney will feature the usual lineup of goodies, including the Magic caps, T-shirts, and some block-centric items that are particularly rare.

For one, the much loved Liliana T-shirt featuring very unique art from Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad will be available here as well.

Second, the playmat, featuring Liliana once again in beautiful Sydney.

And finally, a Pro Tour exclusive poster. This one's a score and will be very hard to find, so if you or a friend is going to the Pro Tour, don't miss your chance to get one!

Pro Tour Hall of Fame Voting Has Begun

You'll likely start seeing some chatter on Twitter if you are following the #mtghof hashtag, because voting for the 2016 Pro Tour Hall of Fame has begun! A selection committee of over 200 people, composed of pros, judges, key Wizards of the Coast representatives, commentators, and content creators will cast their votes on who they think should be inducted into the Pro Tour Hall of Fame class of 2016.

The Class of 2016 ballot, a statistical breakdown of the candidates, the selection committee list, and the year-by-year eligibility can be found on the Pro Tour Hall of Fame page, along with the profiles of every Pro Tour Hall of Fame inductee.

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