Ouphe! There It Is!

Posted in Arcana on May 15, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

Ouphes have been aroung Magic for years. They first appeared in Ice Age, although the Grand Creature Type Update rewrote them farther into the past. Let's take a look at how the humble Ouphe has changed through the years.

Brown Ouphe Brown Ouphe art by Daniel Gelon

This is your simple, garden variety, Brown Ouphe. Note the pointy ears and hairy back. For Mirrodin, the Brown one was updated, but still maintained his basic Oupheyness.

Brown Ouphe Brown Ouphe art by Greg Hildebrandt

Going further into the past, to the cards that were retroactively granted citizenship in the Ouphe Nation, Pyknite looks a little cranky about things:

Pyknite Pyknite art by Edward Beard, Jr.

Clearly, he should take a page from the Shelkin Brownie, who looks resigned to his fate:

Shelkin Brownie Shelkin Brownie art by Douglas Shuler

Or, he could just embrace his newfound Ouphe-osity, like Niall Silvain, who looks delighted!

Niall Silvain Niall Silvain art by Christopher Rush

These days, Ouphes come pre-Ouphed. Which brings us around, however laboriously, to the reason we're bringing all this up: Kitchen Finks is a funny card and we think it looks great when it's blown up. Take it away, Finks!

Kitchen Finks Kitchen Finks art by Kev Walker

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