Penumbra tokens

Posted in Arcana on August 22, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

We have already looked at the tokens that only "exist" in Magic Online for the Odyssey block and Invasion and Planeshift, which leaves just Apocalypse.

All the online tokens for that set are generated when a creature goes to the graveyard. Below is a chart of the four Apocalypse token cards that exist only in Magic Online.

Cat Token Kavu Token
Apocalypse Cat (2/1)
Artist: Daren Bader
Made for: Penumbra Bobcat
Apocalypse Kavu (3/3)
Artist: Arnie Swekel
Made for: Penumbra Kavu
Wurm Token Angel Token
Apocalypse Wurm (6/6 trample)
Artist: Ron Spears
Made for: Penumbra Wurm
Apocalypse Angel (3/3 flying)
Artist: Glen Angus
Made for: Haunted Angel

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