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Posted in NEWS on August 8, 2008

Are you looking to become the best of the best? Magic: The Gathering premier-level tournaments are for you. From the open-invitation Grand Prix and Pro Tour Qualifiers to the invitation-only Pro Tour, World Magic Cup Qualifiers, and World Magic Cup, this is where the game's best players travel.

Introduction to Magic Grand Prix

Grand Prix

Grand Prix are easily the biggest open events the DCI offers. They're high-energy and held around the world. Plus, no invitation is necessary—anyone can attend. No premier-tournament experience? No problem. Playing a good game is all that matters, and with Pro Tour invitations awarded to the top four finishers and a cash prize pool and Professional Points payout that goes all the way down to 64th place, one thing is certain: a Grand Prix is a sure-fire great time. Plus each participant gets an alternate art foil card! (Prizes subject to change.)

Players or teams with high Planeswalker Points totals or Pro Players Club levels can earn byes for Grand Prix tournaments. You can also earn byes at Grand Prix Trials. To view this year's Grand Prix schedule, click here.

World Magic Cup Qualifiers

If you dream of playing in the international World Magic Cup, you'll want to start here. Each country will run three World Magic Cup Qualifiers, with the winner of each earning an invitation to the World Magic Cup.

Pro Tour Qualifier Tournaments

Qualifier tournaments are where the game really gets serious. The excitement level is high and the stakes are even higher. Players the world over converge with a common goal in mind -- an invitation to the Pro Tour, which comes with an airplane ticket to the next Pro Tour stop.

Pro Tour

This is where legends are born. Three annual worldwide stops make up the Tour, with each event showcasing a prize pool of $250,000 (prizes subject to change). Travel the world, face off against the best players the game has to offer, and enjoy the spoils available to those living the life of a professional Magic player.

The 2013 season visits Montreal, San Diego, and Dublin. Become a member of the Pro Players Club to earn free airfare, hotel rooms, and appearance fees at the biggest events.

Magic: The Gathering World Championship

The 2013 Magic World Championship showcases the best players in the world battling against one another for the title of World Champion. Sixteen players will be invited to compete across three formats for the title and $40,000 first prize, with a total cash purse exceeding $100,000.

World Magic Cup

The World Magic Cup celebrates the global status of the game, bringing together the best players from around the world in a unique team event. Each year, players from more than 70 countries come together for the pinnacle of international Magic competition, all with the hopes of bringing the title of "World Magic Cup Champion" home to their country.

    Eternal Championships

Try your hand at two of the most wide-open Magic formats: Vintage and Legacy. These Eternal formats hold annual championships and anyone can play!