Pro Players Club

Posted in DAILYMTG on January 14, 2014

First Name Last Name Nationality Pro Club Level
Juan Carlos Adebo Diaz Spain Silver
Ali Aintrazi United States Silver
Sveinung Bjørnerud Norway Silver
Samuel Black United States Gold
Richard Bland England Silver
Christian Calcano United States Gold
Andrew Cantillana Philippines Silver
Pedro Carvalho Brazil Silver
Rob Castellon United States Silver
Patrick Chapin United States Silver
Justin Cheung Australia Silver
Kelvin Chew Singapore Gold
Stanislav Cifka Czech Republic Platinum
Kamiel Cornelissen Netherlands Silver
Harry Corvese United States Silver
Matthew Costa United States Gold
Patrick Cox United States Gold
Nicolas Cuenca United States Silver
Andrew Cuneo United States Silver
Pierre Dagen France Silver
Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa Brazil Silver
Louis Deltour France Silver
Brian Demars United States Silver
Joe Demestrio United States Silver
Sebastian Denno Canada Silver
Melissa DeTora United States Gold
Jeremy Dezani France Platinum
Robin Dolar Slovenia Silver
Reid Duke United States Platinum
Willy Edel Brazil Platinum
Thomas Enevoldsen Denmark Silver
samuele Estratti Italy Gold
Gerard Fabiano United States Silver
Chris Fennell United States Gold
Jon Finkel United States Silver
Ivan Floch Slovak Republic Gold
Ben Friedman United States Silver
Eric Froehlich United States Platinum
Andreas Ganz Switzerland Silver
Miguel Gatica Costa Rica Silver
Roberto Gonzales United States Silver
Maksym Gryn Canada Silver
Jesse Hampton United States Silver
Alexander Hayne Canada Gold
Thomas Holzinger Austria Silver
Hao-Shan Huang Taiwan Silver
Matthias Hunt United States Silver
Lukas Jaklovsky Czech Republic Gold
William Jensen United States Silver
Dan Jordan United States Gold
robert Jurkovic Slovak Republic Silver
Martin Juza Czech Republic Platinum
Brian Kibler United States Platinum
Jonas Koestler Germany Silver
Mike Krasnitski Ukraine Silver
Wenzel Krautmann Germany Silver
Tzu-Ching Kuo Taiwan Gold
Marc Lalague United States Silver
Joel Larsson Sweden Gold
Ari Lax United States Gold
Shi Tian Lee Hong Kong Gold
Raphael Levy France Gold
Bo Li China Silver
Tyler Lytle United States Silver
Valentin Mackl Austria Silver
Alex Majlaton United States Silver
Michael Majors United States Silver
Seth Manfield United States Silver
Stephen Mann United States Gold
Tom Martell United States Platinum
Josh McClain United States Silver
Makihito Mihara Japan Platinum
Zvi Mowshowitz United States Silver
Tamas Nagy Hungary Silver
Shuhei Nakamura Japan Platinum
Matthew Nass United States Silver
Gabriel Nassif France Gold
Brad Nelson United States Silver
Andreas Nordahl Norway Silver
Kenny Oberg Sweden Silver
David Ochoa United States Platinum
Dusty Ochoa United States Silver
Samuel Pardee United States Silver
Brock Parker United States Silver
Tomek Pedrakowski Poland Silver
Alessandro Portaro Italy Silver
Andrejs Prost Latvia Gold
Denniz Rachid Sweden Gold
Paul Rietzl United States Gold
daniel Royde England Silver
Tomoharu Saito Japan Silver
Eduardo Sajgalik England Silver
Luis Scott-Vargas United States Platinum
David Sharfman United States Gold
Shahar Shenhar Israel Platinum
Dave Shiels United States Gold
Andrew Shrout United States Silver
José Francisco Silva Brazil Silver
Chapman Sim Singapore Silver
Timothée Simonot France Silver
Lucas Siow Canada Silver
Max Sjoblom Finland Silver
Frank Skarren United States Silver
Matthew Sperling United States Silver
Ben Stark United States Platinum
Jon Stern Canada Gold
Emanuel Sutor Germany Silver
Lukas Tajak Germany Silver
richmond Tan Philippines Silver
Felipe Tapia Becerra Chile Silver
Gerry Thompson United States Gold
Owen Turtenwald United States Platinum
Josh Utter-Leyton United States Platinum
Matteo Versari Italy Silver
Gaudenis Vidugiris Lithuania Gold
Guillaume WAFO-TAPA France Silver
Yuuya Watanabe Japan Platinum
Elias Watsfeldt Sweden Silver
Craig Wescoe United States Platinum
Vidianto Wijaya United States Silver
Jacob Wilson United States Gold
Conley Woods United States Gold
Satoshi Yamaguchi Japan Silver
Kentaro Yamamoto Japan Silver
Shota Yasooka Japan Gold
Ken Yukuhiro Japan Gold
Matej Zatlkaj Slovak Republic Silver

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