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Posted in Arcana on September 15, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

The Brockafellars are the 2003 Pro Tour - Boston champions! Armed only with their inborn talents and vast experience in Limited they edged out the Sealed deck portion with a 4-2 perfomance. Round seven was their first-ever Onslaught Block Team Rochester. When you're William Jensen, Brock Parker and Matt Linde, though, you can get away with forgoing practice drafts.

In the first round they faced the titans: Phoenix Foundation. Jensen isn't the sort to be bowled over by hype, and his team went into the draft like it was business as usual. Never mind that the Foundation only has one lifetime sanctioned Team Limited loss. Never mind that they've won the last two Team Pro Tours. Never mind that they 9-0'd to secure their Top 4. When Linde won the second match for the Brockafellars, the stunned crowd didn't know how to react. What do you mean, Phoenix Foundation lost?


Top 4 Final Standing

1.The Brockafellars (USA) $60,000
2.Original Slackers (Norway) $30,000
3.Zabutan Nemonaut (North America) $18,000
4.Phoenix Foundation (Germany) $16,200
(Click here for complete final standings)
In the other bracket, the dark horse Original Slackers were facing the mighty Zabutan Nemonaut. Everyone assumed that the New Potato Nation would crush, but when Gary Wise's "lock" match got stolen from him thanks to mana flood, suddenly the tables were turned. Soon it was the Norwegians drafting against the Brockafellars.

It did not go well for the Norwegians. Though Jensen described himself as an underdog, the other two matches were solidly in their favor. And then Huey took his match in two games. It was definitely The Brockafellars day. Congratulations to The Brockafellars, 2003 Pro Tour - Boston Champions!

Read the full event coverage from the Sideboard Online here.

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