Pro Tour-Los Angeles 1999 - Quarterfinal Matches

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Mike Long vs. Steve O'Mahoney-Schwartz

Game One

In the early game, Steve played a Duress on Mike, netting a Sicken (while leaving a Corrupt due to Long's only having two mana potential in hand and on board). After a few turns, both players had threats out, including a Bog Raider on both sides of the board. However, Steve came up with a solution to Long's Raider, using a Despondency to keep him at bay.

Stuck at four mana, Long couldn't use his Corrupt to stop O'Mahoney-Schwartz's Bog Raider, though he did have a Rejuvenate in hand to replenish his life supply. Hoping to build some mana potential, Mike played a Skirge Familiar while at four life. On the following turn, Steve drew a Pestilence, attacked with his Bog Raiders to put Long at two life, then cast the Pestilence and used it to end the game.

Steve O'Mahoney-Schwartz 1 Mike Long 0

Game Two

To begin the second game, O'Mahoney-Schwartz again cast a Duress to deprive Long of a Gaea's Embrace. After several creature battles, Steve came out on top with a Bog Raiders than Long couldn't stop.

Steve O'Mahoney-Schwartz 2 Mike Long 0

Game Three

In a slowly developing game, both players managed to get out threats, but a stalemate occurred. Again, OMS found a Duress at the right time to deprive Long of a Corrupt, but Mike found a Pestilence and played it to create a small board advantage. The turn following his summoning of a Skirge Familiar, Long attacked for 5, taking Steve to 5 life. Pitching cards to the Familiar in order to generate mana, Long ran five black mana through the Pestilence to kill off O'Mahoney-Schwartz.

Steve O'Mahoney-Schwartz 2 Mike Long 1

Game Four

Long, looking to get an early attack going, cast a first turn Pouncing Jaguar. Tapping his two Swamps on his turn, Steve cast a Dark Ritual, then Befouled Mike's Forest, killing both it and the Jaguar (as he couldn't pay upkeep next turn). Steve worked his advantage into a Phyrexian Ghoul on turn three, and on turn four, cast his amazing Duress, netting a Corrupt Long had in hand.

On the following turn, Long drew a forest and played an Acridian. Against, Steve Befouled the Forest and Long couldn't pay the echo cost of his monster on his following upkeep. Fighting for his life, Mike drew another forest and played a Pouncing Jaguar. Steve attacked with his Ghoul, which Mike blocked, sending both the Jaguar and Ghoul to the graveyard. Then, Steve summoned a Hollow Dogs. Long's only recourse was to play a Pouncing Jaguar next turn, but OMS dropped a Pestilence. Running two mana through the Pestilence, he killed the Jaguar and attacked with his Hollow Dogs for five. This proved too much for Long, as he could never deal with the Pestilence, or find an answer to the Dogs.

Steve O'Mahoney-Schwartz wins 3-1 over Mike Long

Terry Lau vs. Patrick Chapin

Game One

In what would amount to a rout, Terry Lau dominated the first game against Patrick Chapin with flying doom. His Veiled Serpent kept Chapin's green ground attack from coming over, while his airforce (Peregrine Drake, Zephid's Embraced Pegasus Charger) flew over and dealt large amounts of damage. There was little that Chapin could do to stop Lau's bullying ways.

Terry Lau 1 Patrick Chapin 0

Game Two

Pat managed to get some early beatings in, but Lau gradually came back to equalize, then shut down Chapin's attack with two Sanctum Custodians, Voice of Law, and Pit Trap in play. Pat, looking to get the damage race back on, played a Child of Gaea, only to see it Humbled on his next attack and gang blocked to death by two Custodians and an Opal Caryatid. Then, on his next turn, Terry cast a Zephid's Embrace on the Caryatid, leaving Chapin no hope for this game.

Terry Lau 2 Patrick Chapin 0

Game Three

Again, Terry got an early Sanctum Custodian and Voice of Law, but Chapin went for the crusher, playing a Phyrexian Processor. Unfortunately for him, Lau had a Disenchant in hand to make the threat go away. With a Titania's Chosen in play, Pat tried to get some kind of attack going and Vampiric Embraced the Chosen. Lau, on the following turn, cast a Monk Realist to bring the Chosen down to earth again. At this point, Chapin had no chance to overcome Lau's defenses and the game went in short order to Lau.

Terry Lau wins 3-0 over Patrick Chapin

Worth Wollpert vs. Svend Sparre Geertsen

Game 1

Svend and Worth met in the quarterfinals, and it was pretty obvious that both players were nervous. Because of the importance of the match, they were pretty silent and spent a lot of time thinking about decisions.

Geertsen won the die roll, and chose to play first. He summoned a turn one Veiled Sentry that was activated by Wollpert's Elvish Herder.

Two turns later, Geertsen cast a Wizard Mentor, a card that would be very important in the game. Wollpert cast a Dromosaur and a Viashino Runner, but his Blanchwood Treefolk was Power Sinked. In return, Wollpert Heat Rayed Geertsen's Pegasus Charger, and started attacking with the Runner.

Geertsen cast a Sandbar Serpent and put the Serpent and the Veiled Sentry in front of the Viashino Runner. Wollpert cast another Heat Ray, targeting the Serpent, but Geertsen activated the Wizard Mentor and saved it from being burned.

For a while, little happened, but eventually, Geertsen drew his Intrepid Hero. Geertsen used the Wizard Mentor to return the Brilliant Halo and a creature to his hand, cast the Halo on the Runner and used the Hero's ability to kill it. The first time he missed, though, as Wollpert used his Elvish Lyrist to destroy the Halo in response, but the second time he tried, he succeeded.

Meanwhile, Wollpert had got out a Hopping Automaton that hopped over and hit Geertsen for one each turn. Geertsen stalled the attack by casting Hibernation, returning Wollpert's green creatures to his hand, and then he sent the Hero, Serpent and Mentor over for a quick beatdown.

Wollpert managed to get Geertsen down to three life, but he rapidly lost life himself as he couldn't attack the Serpent. A Winding Wurm didn't live long, it was Path of Peaced, and a Hopping Automaton was Waylayed. Eventually, Geertsen secured the game vicotry by attacking with all his creatures.

Wollpert 0 - Geertsen 1

Game 2

Wollpert chose to play first in game two, and dropped an Elvish Herder and a Hopping Automaton. Geertsen slowed down the creature rush by Power Sinking a Priest of Titania, and played an Intrepid Hero, a Sandbar Serpent and an a Pacifism. The Dane also managed to Power Sink a Hush that would kill his Pacifism, and then he started beatings.

Wollpert didn't have the best draw in the world in this game, and Geertsen's Barrin, Master Wizard provided board control, and Wollpert died after too many hits from an outrider.

Wollpert 0 - Geertsen 2

Game 3

In the third game, Svend kept an opening hand where he should have taken a mulligan. He drew no land turn two and three, then he drew three lands and finally, he drew an Island during turn eight.

In the meantime, Wollpert summoned his red and green Army. A Herder, a Runner, a Winding Wurm, followed by a Heat Ray and a Hopping Automaton quickly reduced a mana-hosed Geertsen's life total to zero.

Wollpert 1 - Geertsen 2

Game 4

Game four was also good for Wollpert. Geertsen cast the first creature of the game, a Pegasus Charger, but Wollpert Heat Rayed it, and cast a Dromosaur that started attacking. He then tried to summon a Hopping Automaton, but Geertsen had a Power Sink, and countered it.

Geertsen cast another creature in turn five, a Sandbar Serpent, but he chose not to block the Dromosaur, and started attacking instead. Wollpert's Dromosaur was then accompanied by an Argothian Swine, but then Geertsen played Barrin, Master Wizard.

Wollpert got Barrin off the table by Heat Raying it, forcing Geertsen to return it to his hand or lose it. Geertsen didn't play it again immediately, instead, he played a Veiled Sentry, Brillant Haloed his Sandbar Serpent and cast a Pacifism on Wollpert's Argothian Swine.

Barrin saw play again during Geertsen's next turn, and when Wollpert attacked with a Treetop Rangers and the Dromosaur, both of them were bounced back to his hand. Wollpert didn't mind, though - he then cast a Steam Blast that would have killed at least the Rangers. Geertsen tried to return Barrin to his hand, but Wollpert Heat Rayed it in reponse, sending it to the graveyard.

The Steam Blast brought Geertsen down to seven while Wollpert was at eight, and Geertsen attacked with his Serpent to bring Wollpert down to four. But Wollpert had drawn his Winding Wurm, and with the Wurm in play, Geertsen couldn't attack immediately; he summoned an Angelic Page and waited.

Unfortunately, when Wollpert attacked with his Wurm, he had a Symbiosis in his hand, and thus he killed the Serpent. He then played a Viashino Runner to put further pressure on Geertsen.

Geertsen tried to survive by casting a Pendrell Flux on the Wurm and a Brilliant Halo on the Page, but Wollpert had enough land to pay the Wurm's upkeep cost and continued the attack and Geertsen didn't draw anything that could help him.

Wollpert 2 - Geertsen 2

Game 5

After this amazing comeback from Wollpert, Geertsen started the fifth and deciding game by playing a really bad hoser - a RoP: Green. He also played land every turn.

Wollpert couldn't do anything but summon a lot of creatures and wait for some enchantment removal. He cast an Elvish Herder, an Argothian Swine, a Wild Dogs and a Priest of Titania, and managed to get through two damage before Geertsen cast a Serra Zealot that stopped a lot of the weenies. Then, he cast fatties instead - two Blanchwood Treefolk.

Geertsen tried not to tap out so that he had mana to prevent the green damage, but he managed to play an Angelic Page that attacked. The next turn, he enchanted it with a Brilliant Halo before he attacked, bringing Wollpert down to 17, netting himself the Wild Dogs.

When Geertsen attacked again, though, Wollpert blocked the Dogs and Heat Rayed the Page. He then cast a Viashino Runner and started attacking with the Runner and a Hopping Automaton.

But the Runner was blocked by some Knight Tokens that jumped into play because of a Waylay, and when the Hopping Automaton was Shiv's Embraced, Geertsen found it necessary to kill it with a Path of Peace. That made him unable to prevent all the green damage, though, and some fatties brought him down to nine life.

Now, Wollpert had drawn his enchantment removal. He played an Elvish Lyrist and a Treetop Rangers and waited. Geertsen searched for answers, and Barrin helped as he could bounce the Lyrist. But Wollpert had drawn his Hush as well, and with the RoP: Green in the graveyard, Wollpert finished Geertsen off in two turns, winning the quarterfinals.

Wollpert 3 - Geertsen 2