Pro Tour-Los Angeles 1999 - Round 1 Feature Matches

Posted in NEWS on January 4, 2016

Sturla Bingen (Norway) def. Michael Sochon (France) 1-2
Randy Buehler (USA) def. Federico Dato (Italy), 2-0
Toshiki Tsukamoto (Japan) def. Dominique Coene (Belgium), 2-0
Terry Lau (Canada) def. Peer Kröger(Germany), 2-0

Peer Kröger (GER) vs. Terry Lau (CAN)

Kröger and Lau were in a seven-person draft pod, and normally, you can be able to get very strong decks in these pods as the possibility of getting good late picks is higher than in eight-person pods. Kröger was able to establish red as his main color early as he got two Heat Rays in the first six boosters, but after that, he was unlucky and got bad first picks and no good doubles, while Lau got a strong black/blue deck with three Zephid's Embraces, a Stroke of Genius, a Horseshoe Crab, three Hermetic Studies and a Confiscate along with some black critters.

The German won the coin toss, and chose to go first. In round two, he summoned a Goblin War Buggy, and the Buggy drove over to Lau and started hitting him for two every round. Lau played a Horseshoe Crab, but that couldn't stop the Buggy that eventually got Brilliant Halo'd.

Unfortunately, Kröger stalled on three lands for four turns, allowing Lau to get into the game. A Ravenous Skirge and a Hermetic Study on the Crab forced Kröger to use his two Heat Rays, but an Lau had an Eastern Paladin as well and a Sicken that shrunk the Buggy and stopped Kröger's offense.

In turn eight, Kröger drew his fourth land, and played a Viashino Sandswimmer, but Lau Confiscated it. Kröger tried to Monk Realist the Confiscate, but Lau had summoned a Phyrexian Ghoul, and sacrificed the Sandswimmer to the Ghoul to prevent the German from getting it back. Finally, he the Ghoul went to the air with a Zephid's Embrace. Kröger had no way of dealing with a 4/4 untouchable flyer, and died after two hits.

Kröger 0 - Lau 1

In the second game, Kröger drew enough land - but unfortunately, too many of them. He summoned a second turn Goblin Raider, but Lau Power Sinked a third turn Shivan Raptor, effectively slowing down the red beatdown.

Lau followed up by playing a Veiled Serpent, a Veiled Sentry and a Bog Raiders, along with a Crazed Skirge that started nibbling on Kröger's life total. Kröger kept drawing land, while Lau summoned more and more large creatures. Eventually, the biggest one, a Great Whale, hit the table, and turn nine, the Whale's fins were transformed into wings by a Zephid's Embrace, and the Whale plummeted out of the air and hit Kröger in the head for the last seven points of damage.

Kröger 0 - Lau 2