Pro Tour-Los Angeles 1999 Round 2 Feature Matches

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Dirk Baberowski def. Terry Tsang 2-0
Kai Budde def. Raphael Levy, 2-1
Kyle Rose def. Brian Hacker, 2-1
Jakub Slemr def. Itaru Ishida, 2-0

Jakub Slemr (CZ) vs. Itaru Ishida (JP)

Slemr had drafted an extremely strong black and blue deck. His deck contained two Pestilences, a Morphling, a Somnophore, a Corrupt and a Whetstone, along with other decent creatures and spells. Ishida, on the other hand, played a red and white deck with several flyers, two Arc Lightnings, a Heat Ray and Claws of Gix.

Ishida won the die roll and chose to play. Slemr played a Duress during his first turn, though, taking an Arc Lightning from Ishida's hand. The Japanese still had a Sanctum Custodian and an Angelic Page in his hand, though, and summoned them while Slemr played a Wizard Mentor and a Pendrell Drake.

During turn six, Slemr had drawn one of his two Pestilences, and he felt like starting an epidemic. Ishida tried to Disenchant the Pestilence, but the Czech had a Rewind backup. It didn't take long before the creatures on Ishida's side of the table felt sick and died, while Slemr's creatures returned safely to their master's hand, led by the Wizard Mentor.

Slemr then summoned his Morphling. Shortly after, Ishida had to sacrifice his permanents to Claws of Gix in order to stay alive. But the Morphling continued its merciless attacks, and eventually, Ishida ran out of permanents.

Slemr 1 - Ishida 0

Ishida chose to play first in game two, and he cast an Opal Gargoyle, an Opal Caryatid and Claws of Gix while Slemr summoned a Skittering Skirge. Unfortunately, the Japanese stalled on two lands for two turns, while the Czech played land to prepare to wake up the Caryatid.

Turn five, Ishida finallydrew a third land, and he summoned a Sanctum Custodian and then a Pegasus Charger. Slemr answered by playing Despondency on the Opal Gargoyle and by playing his alternative win card, the Whetstone, and a Pestilence. This time, however, he didn't have a counter for the Disenchant, and Ishida summoned a horde of creatures and attacked.

Slemr cast an Unworthy Dead and several other blockers, and slowly, he was able to block and kill part of Ishida's army. A Sage Owl hit the table, and Slemr put a Somnophore on the top of his library.Slemr played the Somnophore, and started tapping Ishida's creatures after killing the Sanctum Custodian with a Corrupt. He didn't gain any life, though, as Ishida sacrificed the Custodian to the Claws of Gix. Ishida also got rid of Slemr's Despondency by sacrificing the targeted creature to the Claws.

After gaining board control, Slemr got the Whetstone going. Ishida still had two Arc Lightnings in his deck, and Slemr was on four life, but the Arc Lightnings were milled away. A few rounds later, Slemr milled away Ishida's last cards, and won the match.

Slemr 2 - Ishida 0