Pro Tour-Los Angeles 1999 Round 5 Feature Matches

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David Price dev. David Bachman, 2-0
Erik lauer def. Nate Clarke, 2-1
Brian Selden def. Sturla Bingen, 2-1
Lukas Ladra def. Brian Weissman, 2-1

Brian Weissman (USA) vs. Lukas Ladra (Czech Republic)

Brian Weissman wasn't automatically qualified for this Pro Tour, and had to play in qualifiers, something he hadn't really thought he would do after he fell off the gravy train. But he played in Grand Prix San Francisco, and qualified, and in the first round of the second draft, he faced off against Lukas Ladra.

Weissman won the die roll, and chose to play. His blue and green deck didn't give him a good start, though. Four lands, a Windfall, a Fertile Ground and a Blanchwood Armor isn't exactly what you want to see in your opening hand. Still, Weissman kept his draw, mostly because of the Windfall, which he played in turn three. Discarding three lands and a Blanchwood Armor, he gained two cards and Lukas Ladra had to discard both a Corrupt and a Befoul.

The Czech summoned a Ravenous Skirge, while Weissman had drawn a Horseshoe Crab and an Acridian. Ladra answered by playing Persecute, calling green, taking a Blanchwood Armor and an Argothian Swine. Unfortunately, Weissman had a Hermetic Study as well, and he managed to get rid of the Skirge before the Crab was Befouled.

After this, both players played several creatures and started attacking. Ladra had two Skirges, while Weissman had two Acridians, a Fog Bank and a Priest of Titania, and as Ladra was unable to draw anything but land, Weissman's creatures could go in for the kill.

Weissman 1 - Ladra 0

Ladra chose to play first in the second game, and summoned a turn three Ravenous Skirge. Weissman, on the other hand, cast a turn two Fertile Ground and a turn three Argothan Swine. That wasn't a big problem for the Czech. Ladra Befouled both the Fertile Grounded land and then the Argothian Swine, slowing Weissman considerably.

As in game one, Ladra drew a lot of land, but this time it came in handy as he also drew his two Looming Shades along with several other creatures. Weissman tried to fend off the Shades by blocking, but he was a bit short on mana, so his two Blanchwood Treefolks came a bit to late. Eventually, they both had to block the threatening Looming Shades, and as Weissman was unable to draw more creatures, Ladra's army cruised in and dealt the lethal points of damage.

Weissman 1 - Ladra 1

Weissman went first in the deciding game, but Ladra got the best start. He played a turn one Wild Dogs, turn two Elvish Herder and a turn three Dark Ritual, Hollow Dogs, while Weissman only cast a turn three Wizard Mentor.

The American was able to "steal" the Wild Dogs by enchanting the Mentor with a Gaea's Embrace, but they only absorbed one damage as Ladra gave the Hollow Dogs trample when he attacked. Ladra also had a Befoul ready when the giant Wizard Mentor was enchanted with a Hermetic Study, leaving Weissman without any creatures in play.

Unfortunately, Weissman was unable to draw any creatures, while Ladra summoned a small horde of blood-thirsty critters. Weissman played a Windfall in a futile attempt to draw something, but still, he didn't draw any creatures, and Ladra quickly finished him off.

Weissman 1 - Ladra 2