Pro Tour-Los Angeles 1999 Round 7 Feature Matches

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Worth Wollpert (USA) vs. Jon Finkel (USA)

Two Deadguys met in the final match of the first day. Worth Wollpert and Jon Finkel were both 5-1, and they chose to play the match.

Wollpert went first, and summoned an Elvish Herder, neutralizing Finkel's first turn Goblin Patrol. After this, he played a Ravenous Skirge, which was killed by a Shower of Sparks, and then reanimated by a Diabolic Servitude.

Finkel stalled on four lands for three turns, but played a Dromosaur and two Goblin Matrons and filled up his hand with Goblin War Buggys. Meanwhile, Wollpert summoned an Acridian, a Bog Raiders and a Cave Tiger, and started beating Finkel down.

The Pro Tour Player of the Year didn't want to give up that easily. He patiently waited for land, blocked the worst attackers and played smaller creatures. Finally, in turn eight, he drew another land, but unfortunately no Island, so he couldn't cast his Morphling.

When he finally drew an Island, he chose to play a Fiery Mantle instead of the Morphling as he didn't have enough mana to save the Morphling from a creature removal spell. Unfortunately, Wollpert cast an Unnerve during his next main phase, and Finkel had to discard the Morphling along with a Mountain.

At this point, Wollpert had brought Finkel down to three life. Finkel summoned a Thundering Giant and brought Wollpert down to nine, but Wollpert had a Befoul for the Giant and cast two more creatures to threaten Finkel further.

In the end, Finkel played a Stroke of Genius for two to see if he could find any clever answers to the horde of attackers, but he didn't.

Wollpert 1 - Finkel 0

Finkel went first in the second game, and again, he got a turn one Goblin Patrol. But Wollpert eliminated the early threat with a Sicken.

Finkel followed up with a Goblin Spelunkers that he enchanted with Fiery Mantle. This time, Wollpert answered by blocking it with his Cave Tiger, and then Wollpert played a Titania's Chosen and a Looming Shade.

A Heat Ray made the Looming Shade feel uncomfortable, and it headed for the cold darkness of the graveyard while a Phyrexian Ghoul came into play to replace it.

The air moved when Finkel summoned a Shivan Hellkite, but a Whirlwind blew it far away and into the graveyard while Titania's Chosen grew bigger. A Cave Tiger further strenghtened the Chosen one, and Finkel was in big trouble. And when Wollpert cast his Pestilence, the game was over for the Pro Tour Player of the Year.

"We've never played each other in a Pro Tour, usually because Jon wins a gazillion dollars and I end up 200. But it always feels good to beat Finkel," Wollpert smiled after his sweet victory.

Wollpert 2 - Finkel 0