Pro Tour Nagoya in Review

Posted in Feature on June 17, 2011

By Staff

The 2011 Magic Pro Tour season continued in Nagoya, and now it's time to see how things shook out. The second Pro Tour of the season showcased the full Scars of Mirrodin block in both Block Constructed and Booster Draft formats. The pre-event talk was all about Tempered Steel, but the deck ended up as a healthy 21% of the field—far from the boogeyman people expected. But did it turn out to be the dominant winning archetype? Was there a breakthrough rogue deck? Paul Jordan crunched the numbers for all the major deck archetypes. If you're looking for the hard numbers on what beat what, you won't want to miss it.

Winner Interview with David Sharfman

While you may not be familiar with David Sharfman as a Pro Tour mainstay, perhaps he should be known as Mr. Magic Weekend. Sharfman's victory in Nagoya came thanks to the invite he earned by winning the Grand Prix held at Magic Weekend Paris in February. Rich Hagon went in-depth with Sharfman in the minutes after he swept Toshiyuki Kadooka in the Finals of Nagoya for this revealing interview.

Video Highlights

And if you missed the Top 8 webcast, Evan Erwin has edited the finals down to highlight clips that you can watch right here. If you want the full story, sit back and check out the complete Top 8 videos.

Game 1 Highlights

Game 2 Highlights

Game 3 Highlights

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