Pro Tour-San Diego in Review

Posted in Feature on July 7, 2007

By Rich Hagon

Rich Hagon combines a deep knowledge of the players of the Pro Tour with a passionate love of the game. He's a regular commentator for Pro Tour and Grand Prix live video coverage, and is the official Pro Tour Statistician. He has been covering Magic events since 2006.

Did you miss out on the excitement of Pro Tour-San Diego? Let Richard Hagon be your guide at the third event of the 2007 season. If you're not a regular reader of event coverage, this is a great starting place to learn the top players and storylines we'll be following all season. With exclusive player interviews, analysis of deckbuilding strategies, explanations of formats and the PT season, and much more, it's a cornucopia of information.

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  • Part 1: The First 12 Rounds (19 MB mp3)

From the opening draft to the final card before the cut to the Top 4, Rich Hagon takes you through three days of action at Pro Tour-San Diego. Want to know more about how the Pros play Two-Headed Giant? This is the place to go.

  • Part 2: The Top 4 plus Winners Interview (23.1 MB mp3)

Chris Lachmann and Jacob Van Lunen shook up the Pro Tour with their innovative Sliver draft strategy. Follow along as they blitz through the Top 4 and then sit down for an in-depth interview recorded moments after their lightning-fast victory.


Click on the link to listen to the file in your browser, or right-click Save As to download to your computer.

It's Day Three, and welcome to our special Sunday supplement. On this, our final audio show of the weekend, we bring you up to speed with the story so far, access all areas in our tour of the Tour, and bring you the white-knuckle tension of the closing Swiss rounds. The best that 2HG has to offer. The appetizer before the main course. Sit back, and don't miss a thing right here on

In our final show of the day, we bring you exclusive commentary on feature match action, with the Japanese pair of Kenji Tsumura and Yuuta Hirosawa taking on the Canadian duo of Aeo Paquette and Jeff Cunningham. Twists, turns, serious removal and monsters of doom aplenty in this marquee matchup that sends one team home early. A fitting ending to a great day of competition.

Show three, and three great interviews from across the game. First, Brian David-Marshall joins us for a discussion of North American Magic. Second, the face behind the Pro Player Lounge, Christian Anderson, gives us a guided tour. And finally, Magic Lead Developer Devin Low joins us to blow our minds with talk of Game Theory, Lorwyn, and lots of slivers. Every angle, covered. Because that's what we do.

Day Two, show two, and we're foot to the floor as we bring you a mammoth EIGHT matchups from the main event. Finkel, Nakamura, Sadin, Saito, Remie, Soh, Zidek, Merkel and more as minute-by-minute the games swing back and forth. Pyrohemia for the win? Not necessarily. Slivers all the way? Tune in to find out!

Welcome back to the balmy beaches and the tropical tables here at the San Diego Convention Center, as the ProTour kicks into high gear on Day Two. Catch up with all the latest with mox news, and then listen to our special in-depth interview with the Death Star of Magic, head of the DCI Mr.Andy Heckt. Essential listening, here on the home of MTG.

It's our final show of the day, and with the rounds counting down, more and more big names are sitting on the bubble, knowing one slip will put them out of the running. We talk to some of the "nervous nines" looking to become "terrific twelves" during the last rounds of the day. Fun, friendship, and a judge blog that includes one of the most unique ways to lose a game of Magic EVER. That was Pro Tour-San Diego part one. See you on Saturday for Day Two action.

In our third show here on Day One, we take you on a visit to the Pro Shop, talk big dragons and big counterspells with Quentin Martin, and we meet with the Innovator himself, Patrick Chapin. Twenty-four teams remain undefeated at the halfway mark. Only three will make it undefeated to Saturday with a perfect record. Finkel and Ravitz? Oiso and Maaten? Humpherys and Sadin? Keep listening to find out!

We move to the floor of the main event as nearly 400 players start to turn cards sideways in Round 1. Hear updates from more than a dozen big games, with giant creature standoffs, brutal removal, lots of conversation, and a round-ending play you won't want to miss. All this and more at your floor-filling, card-chomping, evasion-pounding

In our first between-the-ears installment from Pro Tour-Diego, we bring you all the news of the top teams from around the world. There are a mountain of big names from Magic's past who have been drawn back to the Tour. Meet some of them here, as we wait for the cards to fall where they may. Let the game begin!

You can also access previous studio podcasts by visiting the Podcast Archive.


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