Prophecy FAQ2

Posted in NEWS on May 26, 2000

By Wizards of the Coast

Paul Barclay

Apologies as usual for the appalling jokes.

Alexi's Coat - As usual, this will do nothing to enchantments already on the creature.

Avatar of Might - The creatures on both sides are counted as you announce the spell. Under normal circumstances, there's nothing that you or your opponent can do to make you pay the full mana cost, as the decision on whether you pay the full cost or the reduced cost is taken during announcement, before you can play mana abilities.

Brutal Suppression - This affects all activated abilities of Rebels, not just the "search" abilities. It is cumulative - with two in play, you must sacrifice two lands. It works in a similar way to Chill.

Calming Verse - Enchantments your opponent controls will go to the graveyard before the ones that you control.

Celestial Convergence - If this is removed from play in response to its ability triggering, the "Last Known Information" rule will apply, and nothing will happen (because the card will have had at least one counter on it). Gets the counters as it comes into play - there's no possible trick with Opalescence and Humility here. Giant Fan can speed the game up a bit, though. It's not worded very well, although the wording does work if read correctly. It's phrased: [At...remove a counter ( the game (If... the game is a draw))], not [At...remove a counter ( the game) (If... the game is a draw)] The game is only made a draw if the ability resolves, there are no Omen counters and the life totals are tied.

Chimeric Idol - Note that this effect changes the type of the permanent, so affects its "initial" characteristics, not its "current" ones - it becomes a 'base 3/3 artifact creature', essentially, and is still affected by any normal effects that would be changing its power and toughness. (It can't get out from under an Enfeeblement by using its ability again - it' ll still be 3/3 -2/-2 = 1/1.)

Citadel of Pain - The untapped lands are counted when this ability resolves, not when it triggers.

Coffin Puppets - You can sacrifice the only swamp you control as one of the two lands, if you want to.

Devastate - If the land leaves play before Devastate resolves, then it is countered, and the damage is not dealt.

Dual Nature - This works very cleanly. It looks for creature cards, not for creatures, so things like Opalescence have no effect. The token becomes an exact copy of the basic card - what you can see on the card is what the token says. You can only copy creature cards, not creature tokens or non-creature cards that come into play as creatures. If it leaves play before the triggered ability to create the token resolves, then the token will stay in play as a normal creature.

Elephant Resurgence - Each Elephant's ability continuously tracks the number of creature cards in its current controller's graveyard. The power and toughness are not fixed at the numbers they were when the spell resolved.

Endbringer's Revel - You can put creature cards from your opponent's graveyard back into their hand if you want to.

Flameshot - Choose the (up to 3) targets and how the damage is split up on announcement. It works just like Arc Lightning.

Flowering Field - The land has the ability, so the land's controller, not the Flowering Field's controller, plays the ability. Thankfully, unlike Hot Springs, this card isn't rare.

Foil - Foil Foils are worth more than non-Foil Foils. You can't discard Foil to pay its own alternative cost, as it's not in your hand. Expect your opponent to say "Curses, foiled again" in his/her best Dick Dastardly voice.

Forgotten Harvest - If there's no creature in play, the ability doesn't go onto the Stack. If there is a creature in play, you must target it if possible (so if the only creature is your own Skulking Fugitive, then it will die).

Glittering Lynx - It has the ability each turn until its "all play" ability resolves.

Heightened Awareness - You discard your hand at the same time as the card comes into play. If you Replenish this into play, the cards from your hand are going to the graveyard at the same time as the cards from your graveyard are going into play. The cards from your hand will not go into play. If you put this into play with Eureka, you'll discard your hand before you next get to put a card into play, so make sure that it's the last one you put into play.

Hollow Warrior - This is an additional cost to attack or block with this creature, so is paid as you declare attackers. So if Hollow Warrior attacks, you have to tap a creature that's not attacking (or one that's attacking but doesn't have to tap to do so). If Hollow Warrior blocks, it can tap itself as this additional cost just fine.

Infernal Genesis - Lands have mana cost 0. If the card is a land, the player gets no Minions.

Inflame - Creatures that were dealt damage, then were regenerated, were still dealt the damage even though it was removed. Inflame will still affect them. Inflame will not affect creatures which had all the damage to them prevented (such as Cho Manno, Revolutionary).

Jeweled Spirit - Choose the colour when the ability resolves.

Keldon Battlewagon - The power of the tapped creature is checked when the KB ability resolves, so it can get more (or less) powerful in response. The third ability does not -target- the untapped creature in any way. KB's third ability can tap the KB itself, though if it's already attacking you' ll usually have to untap it first.

Keldon Berserker - The triggered ability checks whether your lands are tapped when it triggers, and when it resolves. Creatures become "attacking" after a legal attack is declared and all costs are paid. If there is a War Tax in effect, you can tap for mana while declaring your attack.

Keldon Firebombers - Active player chooses three different lands he or she controls first, then the non-active player, then both (at the same time) sacrifice all the lands they control that they didn't choose. If a player controls fewer than three lands, that player doesn't sacrifice any lands and you can't sacrifice down below three lands even if you want to.

Living Terrain - Unlike most ways to animate a land, this gives the land a creature type. The land retains all of its abilities, and its name does not change. If it has been in play since the start of the turn, it can attack and tap for mana. It's important to remember which land you played during your turn when playing with or against this card.

Mageta the Lion - Yes, the ability is an Instant. "(This includes almost all your creatures)"

Mana Vapors - As worded, this will not prevent lands untapping if they change control to another player (because they will untap in that player's untap step).

Mercenary Informer - This is not Strongarm Thug (thankfully). It targets Mercenary cards in play, not in the graveyard (yes, it effectively kills them). It can target itself, as it is a Mercenary, and it can target Mercenary cards that are not currently creatures. If there is a Conspiracy set to Mercenaries, it still cannot target a card that does not actually say "Creature - Mercenary" on it (because Conspiracy changes the creature type of cards in play and the card type of cards in the hand, library and graveyard).

Mirror Strike - This creates a shield that redirects the damage when it tries to get dealt later this turn. If that creature wasn't going to deal damage to you, for some reason, then this shield doesn't have anything to replace and doesn't actually do anything.

Mungha Wurm - This works just like Winter Orb except that it only affects you.

Outbreak - Normal rules for choosing creature types apply - only a single word, and nothing that has any meaning in Magic other than creature types that have already been printed on cards. Only affects creatures of that type that are in play when the spell resolves, not ones that come into play in later turns.

Overburden - This triggers on creature cards coming into play from being spells, and for creature cards being put into play due to spells and abilities, such as the Rebels/Mercenaries. It won't trigger on cards that are not creature cards, but come into play as creatures (enchantments under Opalescence, for example).

Plague Wind - "(This does not include your creatures.)"

Psychic Theft - The card is removed from the game face-up. You can cast it if it's a spell card, and you can lay it if it's a land card. You can 't do other things with it, such as discarding it or Cycling it, because it isn't actually in your hand.

Rebel Informer - This is not Lin Sivvi (thankfully). It targets Rebel cards in play, not in the graveyard (yes, it effectively kills them). It can target itself, as it is a Rebel, and it can target Rebel cards that are not currently creatures. If there is a Conspiracy set to Rebels, it still cannot target a card that does not actually say "Creature - Rebel" on it (because Conspiracy changes the creature type of cards in play and the card type of cards in the hand, library and graveyard).

Rethink - Any X, Y or Z in that spell's mana cost is 'seen' at its full value, since that spell is on the Stack.

Reveille Squad - Note that if you control multiple Reveille Squads, all untapped, their abilities will trigger separately, so abilities of other creatures you control can be used in between untapping. Note that the ability can't trigger if the Squad is tapped, though, and won't do anything if the Squad is tapped when the ability resolves.

Rhystic Lightning - This can't deal 6 damage. It either deals 2, or deals 4.

Rhystic Scrying - Players decide whether or not to pay after you have drawn the cards.

Rhystic Study - That player chooses whether or not to pay {1}. If they don't, you then choose whether or not to draw a card.

Rhystic Tutor - This search is not optional if no player pays, because it' s not searching for a particular kind of card. If you search, you have to get a card if there's one there to get. Note that you're allowed to pay to prevent yourself searching if you want to.

Ribbon Snake - Removing Flying will remove all instances of Flying, not just the intrinsic one.

Search for Survivor - Yes, this card can change the order of a graveyard. In Extended, Type 1 and 1.5, Tempest/Ice Age/Mirage Block Constructed events (and equivalent Limited events), the graveyard order can matter. In Standard, Masques/Urza Block Constructed (and equivalent Limited events), the graveyard order never matters. The graveyard must be completely randomised - shuffle it face down. Even if you use a die to pick the random card, you must still shuffle the graveyard.

Sheltering Prayers - This counts all lands, basic and non-basic that are controlled by that player.

Shield Dancer - You can play the ability any number of times, but each creature's damage can't be dealt to that creature more than once, because each creature only deals damage once.

Spore Frog - It's a foggy frog, not a crunchy frog.

Squirrel Wrangler - Wrangling squirrels is illegal and inhumane. Don't try this at home.

Steal Strength - Just like Symbiosis, two target creatures are required. You choose on announcement which will get the +1/+1 and which will get the -1/-1. If one target is gone, the effect still applies to the other.

Thresher Beast - Yes, Trap Runner does work on this card (only during the "Declare Blockers" step of combat, of course, as this is the only time that Trap Runner's ability can be played).

Thrive - You must target X different creatures.

Vintara Snapper - If you're casting a spell on it, or using an ability on it, that costs mana, you can choose it as a target before tapping your last untapped lands for mana as you pay the mana cost/activation cost. It will be an illegal target on resolution, of course. You can also prevent spells that target it from affecting it by tapping all your lands. Should have been a red card. "Green Snapper, very tasty" doesn't quite work.

Wall of Vipers - The ability can only be played if there is a legal target for it.

Well of Life - You check whether your lands are all tapped when your end-of-turn step starts; if they all are, this ability triggers. Then you check again when the ability resolves; if they all still are tapped, you gain the life.

Windscouter - If Windscouter dies from combat damage, or before the end of combat step, it won't return to hand.

Wing Storm - The creatures are counted on resolution, because the mana cost doesn't contain an X, and you're not dividing X things among places, so there's no reason to determine what X is on announcement.

Wintermoon Mesa - You can't play the last ability without choosing two different target lands.

Withdraw - This spell cannot be played without two legal targets. Also choose on announcement which target will be automatically returned and which is returned if {1} is not paid. Mana abilities of the first creature to be returned can't be used during the resolution of the spell, as the creature will not be in play when the mana payment is asked for.