Putting the Tarmo in your Goyf

Posted in Arcana on September 18, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

The innocent-looking Tarmogoyf has been chewing enormous, ragged holes in tournament formats from Block, to Standard, Extended, and even Legacy. (It's even found sideboard and maindeck space in Vintage Flash and Gro-A-Tog decks.)

So what is a tarmogoyf, anyway?

Tarmogoyf Tarmogoyf art by Justin Murray

Like its ancestor, the Lhurgoyf, it's a feared arctic predator from an icy world. Terisiare's Ice Age is over, so it's unknown whether Tarmogoyf hails from a possible future Dominaria in which the ice returns, or from some other far-flung world blanketed in tundra.

The tarmogoyf is an extremely hungry beast. It doesn't just feed on people—although the skulls in its art indicate it's pretty fond of that (Hans and Saffi, beware!). It also devours other types of mystic energy, becoming stronger and stronger as it feeds. Its name derives from "tarmo," which means "energy" in Finnish (following the Ice Age tradition of using Scandinavian-sounding words in card names). The more types of energies it consumes, the more powerful the tarmogoyf becomes.

Its favorite dessert? Top 8s of tournaments...


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