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Posted in Arcana on January 23, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

As expected, there were multiple answers to Tuesday's puzzle. Some are a little crazier than others. All of the solutions begin with:

  1. Tap Brushland and two other painlands for .

  2. Play Living Wish and copy it with Mirari, leaving in your mana pool.

From there, all that changes are the Wish targets. One of the targets must be used to either fix your mana or gain you life, and the other is used to win the game. Death from mana burn must also be taken into consideration. Here are the ten viable combinations we could find.

Mana or Life Win Condition
Mountain Skizzik (played with kicker)
Mountain Blistering Firecat (played face down and then morphed)
Swamp Laquatus's Champion
Island Shifty Doppelganger (activated to put Spiritmonger into play)
Quirion Sentinel Halam Djinn
Venerable Monk Blistering Firecat (played face up)
Venerable Monk Skizzik
Dedicated Martyr Blistering Firecat (either face up or face down and morphed)
Dedicated Martyr Skizzik (either with kicker or without)
Dedicated Martyr Menacing Ogre (with a bid of 2 life)

In the four answers that involve Wishing for a land, the land may be replaced by any of the appropriately colored Rith's Grove from Planeshift or Invasion's Archaeological Dig.

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