Posted in NEWS on March 2, 2014

By Pip Foweraker

Webster started things off by dropping a trio of Planeswalkers, who were demolished with Hero's Downfalls in short order. Luckily for Webster, His Xenagos's accompanying Satyrs were enough to put Chapman on the defensive, and Webster was able to follow up with a flurry of angry dudes to take the first game.

Ash Webster 1 - Craig Chapman 0

Webster, R/G mage and nominee for 2014's 'Most Egregious Product Placement' award.

The second game was Chapman's turn to apply insurmountable pressure. His first Brimaz, King of Oreskos bit the dust in short order, but he was able to keep the second around long enough - and steamroll Webster's defences with a few well-timed spells - to ride the powerful 3-drop to victory.

Craig Chapman 1 - Ash Webster 1

Chapman won the second game so blisteringly fast, we had to go for an 'Action Sideboarding' shot. Note the still-exhilarated judge to one side.

Chapman spent the early game gaining a ridiculous amount of life off the combination of Obzedat, Ghost Council and Whip of Erebos. Webster went about demolishing his opponent's life total the only way his deck could: by playing an insane amount of Planeswalkers and creatures, firing off a couple of ultimates, and clobbering the heck out of his opponent, invincible ghost collective or no.

Ash Webster 2 - Craig Chapman 1