Posted in NEWS on March 16, 2014

The Decks

Judah Alt wound up in the powerful Red-White combination, but his deck splits its focus between the early and late games. Ian Robertson has a ponderous Green-Black deck with plenty of combat tricks and some powerful cards.

The Match

Game one was an arduous affair. After some early trades, including a two-for-one off Lightning Volley, Alt was moving ahead with a Hopeful Eidolon enchanted with Observant Alseid and Dragon Mantle. Robertson was stuck on four land with just Forlorn Pseudamma and Baleful Eidolon. He took another hit from the big Hopeful Eidolon, trying to peel his fifth land. Alt summoned Evangel of Heliod and got four tokens. Robertson missed on land and tapped out for Pheres-Band Tromper.

Judah Alt


Alt was getting eager. He saw weakness and turned all his creatures sideways. Robertson no longer had the luxury of playing around shenanigans. He put the Baleful Eidolon in front of the Hopeful, and ate a token with his Tromper, falling to eight. Alt added Cyclops of One-Eyed Pass.


Finally the dam broke, and Robertson hit his land. Alt was running out of cards and Robertson had a grip of answers. Soon the board was tipping the other way with Robertson swinging and Alt on dwindling token resources. He was empty-handed and would soon be taking big damage. His deck took pity on him and served up a nice one: Heliod, God of the Sun.

Now he had time. His eight land meant two 2/1 blockers per turn. Robertson was sent back to the drawing board to amass an army big enough to break through. He started to do it, too, with Keepsake Hydra enchanted with Nighthowler, Nessian Demolok, Servant of Tymaret and Pharika's Mender.

However, Alt had played it cagey. As soon as the board was juicy enough he turned over the one card he'd kept while Heliod did his work: Fated Retribution. Robertson all but slumped in his chair. Now he had no way to bust through and Alt was about to hit twelve land. Also he had fewer than ten cards left in his library. Rather than draw out the inevitable, he packed and shuffled up for game two.

Alt 1 - Robertson 0

Fans at the rail who took a break after the marathon first game (during which fully two of the other quarterfinals finished) wound up missing the second entirely. Alt wound up playing a one-land hand and didn't find a second before Robertson had out Nyxborn Wolf and Pheres-Band Tromper.

Ian Robertson


He made a go of it, cycling a Dragon Mantle on the Wolf and hit three land before a lethal attack could be made. He tried Bolt of Keranos on the tapped Tromper but Robertson showed him Feral Invocation and they were on to game three.

Alt 1 - Robertson 1


Alt's anticlimax continued into the decisive third game. Stuck with a clunky draw and only three lands, he was under pressure from Pheres-Band Tromper and soon it would grow out of reach. He gamely double-blocked, and Robertson showed him Savage Surge. Without mana to make any big plays, he couldn't match up against Robertson's larger creatures, and soon was extending the hand in defeat.

Ian Robertson defeats Judah Alt 2-1