Posted in NEWS on March 2, 2014

By Chapman Sim

Game One

In this classic matchup between Mono-Blue Devotion and Mono-Black Devotion, Nam swiftly clinched Game One before I could even get seated. After going down to five cards, McGlaughlin found himself facing one of the most dreaded openings his opponent could present in Standard.



After duplicating some rodents, McGlaughlin reached for his sideboard and Nam was up one Game just like that.



McGlaughlin tried to fight back after a double mulligan to no avail.
Game Two

McGlaughlin retaliated in Game two, opening aggressively with triple Cloudfin Raptor and double Judge's Familiar. However, Nam did what the Mono-Black Devotion deck ought to be doing and led with Thoughtseize and Pack Rat once again.

With two Mutavaults on his side, there was a good chance Nam could outrace McGlaughlin's flyers. Nam made a copy of Pack Rat, and then another. Suddenly, McGlaughlin was facing a horde of 5/5s when turn 5 rolled around, and offered the handshake soon after.

Nam Sung-Wook
Nam Sung-Wook defeats Luke, McGlaughlin and advances to the semifinals.